I just got invited to my Hen weekend!!

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kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Got a fancy invite to my hen party today!!! So excited! I knew the date and it would be in Dublin! Now I know the lovely hotel we are in, where we are meeting for cocktails on Friday night to kick off the w/e and to bring a black dress for Saturday! They are threatening paintballing as the activity on d Saturday but they know I absolutely refuse to do this! I'm so excited! My BMs have been great organising this! Other friends have got back to tell me that a fab w/e has been lined up!! :o)ll :o)ll Now I have seven weeks to plan what to wear!!
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
How exciting - hope you have a fab time.. Just had to say, that if they do go paintballing, you have to try it. If the bride doesn't get involved - whats the fun for everyone else??? It would just be a laugh
Buttonnose Posts: 477
That's so exciting! Hope you have a great time! :o)ll
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Ha ha o I know they won't book paintballing they are only trying to wind me up! I have done it twice and been bruised for weeks after it so they know no way I'm doing it two months before wedding! Can't wait to see what they have planned!! Thanks girls x
Magsk Posts: 644
So exciting bet you cant wait! My sis is telling me nothing about mine ! All i know is its on a saturday and in Dublin im dying to know what were doing ! Its all about the build up! O-O
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
Awh that's brilliant! So exciting :o)ll All i know about mine is that it's on the 8th & 9th of June & I'm not allowed to wear green on the Saturday night?!! Can't wait to find out where we're going & what we're doing :o0
tippbride2012 Posts: 188
So exciting, I know my BM are up to something. I sent on a random email about ideas to them and was infomed that they were already well on their way and i was asked for contact details of friends. Don't know what they are going to come up with :) I had given them instructions on distance and an inclusive activity but after that who knows