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Sinead O\'Carroll Posts: 18
I have a new single coming out. Its a song called "Unchained Melody" I wrote it myself :-8 I heard from someone, who knows Linda Martin, that she's heard it and really, [b:1soetztl]really[/b:1soetztl] thought a lot of it. I was going to perform it at a charity ball recently, but some old dear kept hogging the microphone. >:o(
jaggersfunkys Posts: 6
Can you sing at the window and i'll help you out?
Sinead O\'Carroll Posts: 18
Awwwwwww, myyyy looooooovvvvvve Myyyyy darrrrrlinnnnnnnn I hunnnnnngerrrr forrrrr yourrrr touchhhhhhh Arrrrrrr youuuuuuu STILLLLLLL MIIIIIINEE???
what Posts: 12
that's terrible Sinead, dam right rude >:o( of them, no culture or class, what is this place coming to, i'll never know ... well im sure your single will be a hit, so who was this old hog then oh do tell this is fcukng 10x times better than heat mag