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Towniegirl Posts: 881
My brother has broken up with his girlfriend and I'm missing her so much... Things didnt work out between them cos of long distance (About an hour from each other) and I can't believe how upset I am, its like I'm going thru a breakup myself that its ridculous. I've met the girl a few times and we got on so well and really thought she was the one for him. Now they are finished I just feel I'd never get to meet up with her again and go out with her and have a laugh with her. Sorry just needed to talk to someone :o(
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Awwwhhhh :action32
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I have two brothers so been there, done that and its not silly. I remember the whole family going into mourning when my older brother left his girlfriend of 3 years and then the joy when they got back together and the rage when he dumped her again! As disloyal as this might sound we all took her side and my dad still refers to her as the daughter-in-law that got away. Actually we are all still close to her and she is my BM next year............... :innocent: