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SunnyK Posts: 3834
I never tried counselling in the end. I rang my counseller who I''d dealt with before and she fobbed me off and didn't have the interest so I just left it then. NONE of my old clothes fit me anymore except leggings and flowy dresses - lovely! :-8
Caille Posts: 95
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Thanks a million for all that Caille - I will read the book but I have read one before and felt it didn't help. But then again maybe I didn't really give it a chance. Did you ever try counselling Caille? If so can you tell me if it helped. I am also interested in mindfulness - there is a weekend workshop that I was going to do but chickened out - all about mindful eating. Think i will look it up again. Sunny - I have been threatening to go to counselling for so long - but then will have a few good days and talk myself out of it - "oh you don't need to go, you've got this under control now." But of course, it only lasts so long... Think I am also half embarrassed to go talk to some stranger about myself and also have this idea that it is so self-indulgent and egotistic to sit there talking about myself for an hour. Eve if I am paying them! I'm an idiot. Am also sporting flowery dresses and leggings and am totally morto that I cannot fit into anything else. Something's got to give... (And I don't mean the zip on my jeans!)
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Hi Caille - just wanted to let you know that I read the book you recommended. I have to say at first I thought the idea was very simplistic and a bit obvious and was about to throw the book away cos it made me angry. I almost felt like she was tricking me, if you know what I mean. But when I thought about it more I realised she is right - the urge to binge IS the problem; not all the emotional baggage, the triggers etc So I have started trying to separate my animal brain from my human brain and looking at my binge eating in a totally detached way. I am also going to book a mindfulness session in a retreat close to my home to help me to do this better. Thanks again - obviously only time will tell if this all works but it does make sense and I am feeling positive about it all - only time will tell.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
I missed the book you recommended Caille. Could yourself or Rogue User post it again for me? Thanks :thnk
tickingclock Posts: 609
[quote="SunnyK":3vpnj40c]Am still binge eating regularly :-8 Came across this and thought I'd post in case anyone wants a read: ... al-eating/[/quote:3vpnj40c] :-8 This is me. I've known for a long time that I've had a problem with food. I'm supposed to be doing Slimming World and I have lost weight - a stone in 7 months but then the weekend comes or I have a bad day or I'm overly tired and it all goes out the window. And it's not just a treat, it's a take away followed by chocolate, peanuts, you name it, I'll eat it. Then the guilt gets me. I took up running and I was doing great but I've been so exhausted recently, that's gone out the window too.
Nikki Kavanagh
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Hey SunnyK - sorry I am so late getting back to you. The book is here: ... +disorders It's called Brain Over Binge. It basically comes down to the simple idea that binging is not so much the problem as the urge to binge and once you say no to that then you can stop binging. There is no deep down problem making you binge - it's not a psychological issue, it is just about fighting the urge. But she didn;t see it as a fight - she says she recovered overnight... I'm still fighting it so don't know how much it really works. The book is a bit long winded - she repeats herself a lot but the idea does make sense. Sometimes I think - "I really need chocolate, I really NEED it." And I feel like I have no control and I have this idea in my head and I have to eat - like I have no control. But at the end of the day, I do. I can say no. And that's what this book is all about - ignoring the urge to binge. She went to therapy and they told her to write down triggers for her binging and she came to the conclusion that nearly everything triggered her binging. When she is sad she wants to binge, when she is at a party she wants to binge, when she's alone she wants to binge, when she studies etc etc And how was she to avoid all of these triggers (as suggested by therapists) - it would be impossible. So instead she looked at what was really causing her to binge - physically - and she realised it was the urge to binge. It had become a habit - something happens and she wants to binge, she gets the urge to binge, she gives in and binges. Over time by ignoring the urge she quit the habit and the urge finally went away, as you would with ciggies or gambling or whatever... Sorry for blabbing on but the book isn't cheap if I remember correctly and basically that's the point of the book (ignoring the urge to binge) - the rest is her life story and she is not a very good writer so it's boring as hell. So no need to buy the book now I have given this really really long explanation! You're welcome ;o)
bonnie2 Posts: 2
Girls apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I was just thinking about this today.. how is everyone now?