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It sounds like you had a lovely time Mrs Roma! Congratulations, couldn't get through on the photo link. Sparklywife
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[quote:3dohwmc4]Posted: 17 May 2005 11:19 Post subject: I'm Back - My Report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Girls.... How are you all!! Just back to reality since yesterday. Anyway, here goes on my report....The day on April 28th in Rome was so fantastic....We got to Rome on Monday 25th of April (after being at the San Marino F! Grand Prix - excellent!!). It was really really busy with guests arriving all the time, people wanting to meet up etc. The night before the wedding, we all met up on Flann O'Briens Irish pub on Via Nazionale (near the Quirinale Hotel). This was a great idea as there were only 40 at the wedding and most people got chatting to eachother that night which helped loads for the next day. Hubby (Malachy) and myself (nearly going to type H2b there!! force of habit!!) had planned to be in bed by 10.30 but of course we were last to leave the pub at around 2am!! The next day, we woke up around 8.30 ( I think). Under the door of the hotel room (huge room by the way!!) was a fax from all of you was really sweet and thanks to Carol (Mrs Oct04)for organising that Ah, I nearly melted. Malachy couldn't believe that all these people were sending us such good wishes especially as I have never met you before. This site is just so nice. So thank you all for that. Anyway...back to the report....we headed down for our brekkie then and Malachy headed off to his best man's hotel around 11am. I headed over to the hairdressers for 11.20 and got my hair put into this mad italian style hair do (not so sure about it now). I was almost 2 hours in there and it gave me loads of time to get a bit emotional about the whole thing. My sis came to do my makeup and I left the hotel (after a drop or two of champagne) around 3.45pm. It was a glorious day. My brother played me up the aisle with his bag pipes....I must say...this was new to the Italians and they loved it!! Fr O'Keefe was charmed as it was the first time they ever had pipes played at St Isidores. The church service was absolutley gorgeous, it really was. It was also just so intimate with just family and close friends there. We headed off to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain for photographs and arrived back to the hotel after 7. My brother then played us into the garden of the Quirinale again where we had more champagne!! The speeches started then (a good laugh was had there!!) My (twin) brother got up and talked about how he had interrogated Malachy the first time he met him as he assumed that once again I had made another bad choice!!! but then added that for once in my life I hadn't and that he wholly approved of this one (thats obvious anyway as they get on like a house on fire). We gave out a few pressies, said lots of thank you's and got stuck into the meal which went on until 11.30pm. It was time then for a few drinks, throwing the bouquet and winding up at 4am.......It just went sooooo fast but it was sooo brilliant. We got home from Italy on Wednesday last and had another do in my home town on Friday night. I got into the guna again and Malachy into his suit. We had about 140 there and had some food and wine....that was also a brilliant night. So now,,,its all over...and reality is hitting us both!! aahhh I haven't managed yet to get the photos up on a website but one of my friends took some and here's the link to that <> Thanks again girls for everything ye have done to help me...I could not have done it without the help on this site. MrsRomaApril2005[/quote:3dohwmc4][quote:3dohwmc4] :D :D :) [/quote:3dohwmc4]
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Your day sounds amazing and was dying to see the "mad Italian hair do" but unfortunately can't open the pics. Congrats anyway on becoming a Mrs!!
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if you have email I can send you some me
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Congratulations on your big day! sounds like a fairytale :wink: Best of luck for the future
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ta very much!!
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If you type the link given into the address box it works!! You looked fab, love your dress... Best of luck for your future together :wink: