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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Hi Girls, Got back from hols this evening. Had a great time. Was weird going away and not going drinking, first time ever. Anyway felt great all week until Sunday evening and sickness kicked in. My boobs are killing me too. I am a little worried I have been getting a small amount of discharge since yesterday. Kind of brown. Haven't told DH as I am not sure if I should be worried. I am praying it's nothing. I couldn't face loosing this bean too. I was 6weeks on monday.
[email protected] Posts: 492
Welcome back and congratulations!!! If i were you i'd er on the side of caution and ring the hosp. They'll put your mind at rest. Try not to worry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :thnk
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi LMS, welcome back!! I had a similar experience over the weekend. Tried not to worry too much and was fobbed off by the hospital when I called for advise, but after plenty of encouragement went in to the emergency unit to get checked and has a very reassuring scan. Would suggest that you do the same thing and also tell hubbie, he really wouldn't want you worrying alone (although in saying that I didn't tell him immediately either). Best of luck hon, I'm sure it will be fine. :xxx
sinion Posts: 6050
Hi hon, I would suggest like the others to get it looked into, more for your peace of mind than anything, I'm sure it's ok :xxx
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
If you're worried LMS go to the emergency department of the maternity hospital, there is an awful wait but SOOO worth it, I waited 4 hours but when I seen the sac on the scan I was sooo relived and it REALLY put my mind at rest! I even got a little photo and it's sooo nice :-8 So go if you're worried....and tell you're hubby you need somebody to lean on :xox
Me Julia Posts: 1352
welcome back LMS, i would do as the others are suggesting and call into hospital to put your mind at rest. Otherwise you are only going to be running to the loo every few min to keep checking it.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Welcome back LMS, like the others said get it checked just to be sure and put your mind at rest. Hope everything is fine.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I replied on your other post, but to say again I agree with the others, go to the hospital for one reason only - to stop yourself worrying
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Thanks girls. SP congrats on your BFP. That is great news. No sign of any brown discharge today so far. Or last night. Went to loo twice during the night. Going to keep an eye out. Just have clear cm this morning. If I see more later today I will ring my GP and tell DH. Oh fingers crossed it was just a little old blood clearing out. It looked like cm but was browny in colour. Not spotting like the last time.
cyberspi Posts: 103
sounds familiar to me.. did you DTD with DH before the blood by any chance? that happened to me a few times in the early stages.. only appeared within 24hr's of DTD so got a pattern very quickly :-8 frighened the life out of me and went for an early scan but thats all it was..