I'm being refered to Waterstone in CUMH

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vonnyoc Posts: 2688
Heh Girls I rang the doc today and he was very slow to do anything cause i'm not the full year trying, but I told him that DH & I couldn't go through what went on over the last few weeks emotionally or mentally, we'll be a year almost trying next month. so he said he'd refer me to Waterstone. Has anyone been to him?? I don't understand what waiting a year or over is going to do it just prolongs the heartache. I have a terrible feeling that Waterstone won't even entertain me. What do ye think??
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Sorry vonny I have no advice, maybe try the girls over on TTC forum, they have a thread TTC for 12months or more. I am sure they could give you advice. Hope everything works out for you.
Angel2 Posts: 787
I haven't been to Waterstone but I've heard of him and have only heard good things. He's meant to be excellent. Best of luck hon.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
No experience as such but have heard that he is great. A work colleague went to him and now has a baby girl