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munks Posts: 435
a hot mug of tea and ...a moro bar. No chance of getting one 'till 5.30 *drools Homer style*
blondebabe Posts: 37
i have a moro in my desk drawer, wish i could send it to you now ! they wouldnt be my favourite i have to say !
munks Posts: 435
Thats like a big virtual slap with a stinking wet fish... you're not really wishing that i could have it... >:o) *still drooling*
blondebabe Posts: 37
ah i would give it to you if i could, here have a bunch of flowers instead :thnk is there no chocolate machine in your job ! theres one in mine but i try to stay away !
23skidoo Posts: 1272
Mmmmmm tea. I hate making a cuppa in work, they aways taste rotten for some reason! Probably cos i'm not curled up at home in my pj's! :o0 Ah sure it's only an hour and 15 mins now anyway!
munks Posts: 435
can't wait that long 23skiddo...must be the wine from last night. off to get one now yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum :hyper: