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Carlow09 Posts: 234
OMG I have to let this out, somewhere .... The girl i work with is so negative i am going to just scream at her to just STOP GIVING OUT ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For crying out loud, people are losing their jobs left right and centre, and all she can sit there and do is moan moan moan sigh sigh,,, "I've a pain in my face about this..." or " Such and such is so annoying..." She just never stops. Jezze i feel like screaming "You should be happy to have a job, and this place is actually not the worst" She is a lovely girl most of the time, but she just sits at her desk all day and WHINGES about everything. When she gets an email in work, she is tutting before she even reads it. TUTTING AND SIGHING about every single thing. At about half ten today she was ranting that she forgot her lunch.. and how annoying it is, and how horrible it is out, and how busy she is and how is ................... arhrhrhrhrhhrhr shut up ! God almighty you can actually see how negative things happen to negative people. Think postive and positive things happen. Well the even just have a better chance of happening. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ok feel better now. Sorry but just literally had to let off steam. Now i feel bad for writing this cause she I do actually get on very well with her, i think she is just in a bad habit of moaning... suppose we all have our days. Anway, i'll write it here and then its out of my system... ok def feel better now, thanks ladies :wv
tilsun Posts: 4506
In all fairness I can see her point about it being a cr*p day though! *) Only messing. I know exactly what you mean. You end up feeling like a Pollyanna as you try to point out the bright side of things. Do her a favour and give her a big kick, then she'll have something to moan about!
shattered Posts: 322
I have someone like that in work too (though not half as bad by the sounds of things). I find that if I constantly remind her that her work is in her job description, or that even if she found work somewhere else, it would be a lot worse. I guess cause I've had some awful jobs along the way (including working in a certain famous take-away when i was a student), I know how horrible some work can be. I think that a lot of people who complain about good jobs are those who've never had a lousy one.
Carlow09 Posts: 234
I know, actually it is rotten out today, so i do agree with her on that :o0 Thanks girls, Its so good to be able to let it out. Anyway think i'll go and have a nice cuppa..
ros09 Posts: 1923
the sun is shining where i am and everyone cant wait for the weekend !!
Wannabe_mum Posts: 27
Carlow09 I feel your pain!!!! I work with the biggest whingiest b*tches of all time too! Myself and another girl started new into an office of 5 other girls about a year ago. The other girls (with the exception of 1) have never made us feel welcome at all, they go for lunch without telling us (we used to always ask them at the start if they would like to go for lunch, they never came with us), barely acknowledge us at tea break, basically whinge about EVERYTHING!!! They never have a good word to say about anyone. They basically bully other people (have been known to tell other work colleagues to f**k off etc. on front of other people), they speak about people's private business at tea break (i.e. X came in today with a sick cert for last week and this is what was wrong with him.....blah blah blah." They give out about EVERYONE behind their backs and if someone comes into the office they are all sweetie-pie to their faces. The second they go out of the office they are b*tching about them. I know myself and the other girl are nice people...thank God we started together and at least have each other. the rest of the girls in the office have no lives outside of work as far as I can see. They seem to have no other friends apart from each other, no boyfriends at all and even go on summer holidays together. When I got married I was only in the new office about 4 months so I gave all those girls evening invites. Of course none of them came (not that I cared!) but when I got back from honeymoon not one of them asked my how the wedding went, did I have any pics, how was the honeymoon. It was like I had never been away at all from the office! Crowd of WAGONS!!!!!!!!!!! O:| O:| O:|
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I worked with a fella like this and my job didn't extend his probation and he was let go, there were some other factors but this whole attitdude was doom and gloom, people don't want to listen to that all day.
mrspants Posts: 4652
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
some people like that just need a slap :o0
polecat Posts: 345
OP could have been me, but I got moved to a different office yesterday and it's so lovely, so peaceful and everyone is really chirpy, I feel like a new person - I'm telling ya some people could suck the life clean out of ya!