I'm going to slap her soon

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ceewa Posts: 478
The office I work in is fairly small and there is one woman who is extremely loud and annoying. I usually just try and tune out her rants but today is just driving me demented. She is constantly comment on stuff on the radio and by comments I mean "what a f*cking joke that is so f*cking ridiculous" at the top of her voice. She isn't talking to anyone sitting beside her just roaring at the radio. She is getting married later this year, none of us have met the poor misfortune as he lives and works three hours away but he really must be blinded by love. When they got engaged she said she would never be a bridezilla but if she isn't a bridezilla I don’t know who is Flowers "What kind of stupid price is that to charge for what will probably be complete crap on the day" Shouting down the phone at a florist she rang for a quote "I don’t care about the flowers they're not important but if I can't my bouquet with the right shade of flowers I'll kill the florist" Not really a conversation with the poor woman beside her more just shouting at the closest person. Dress "I'm not high maintaince, I'm not spending a fortune on the dress" When three of us suggested a particular shop because we all got our dresses there she announced that it was the worst bridal shop ever and that they only sold tacky dresses. She had never been in the shop and still hasn't. Hotel­ The wedding fair for the hotel they have booked was on at the weekend and she went to it. She seems to have thought it was a wedding fair just for her because we got the list of issues this morning which she also emailed to the manager. There was champagne being handed out to the couples arriving but she didn't want champagne and complained they didn't offer her a choice of drink. She still drank the champagne though and complained that there wasn't somebody going around the function room refilling the glasses! She didn't like the canapes available to sample as they didn't have samples of her canapes (she isn't having ones that are on the standard menu) She had to wait a few minutes to ask the manager something because another couple were talking to him but she is outraged that a couple who havent booked their reception there made her wait. She also complained that the bows on the chairs in the room weren't the colour she has ordered. Bridemaids We were talking about traveller weddings after there was a programme on a few weeks ago, she had said it was so tacky having loads of bridesmaids and flowergirls and she was having two and only because himself has 2 brother so she wanted it even. Now she is having 5 and seems to think that they should be kissing her feet because they were asked. She has given her 19 year old niece a diet plan and told her that if she can't fit into the dress three months before the wedding that she's cutting her out. The dresses haven't been picked yet and I know two of her friens who are bridemaids who are at least a dress size bigger than her niece. Sorry just needed to have a rant because its such a small place here I can't do the venting to anyone here!!!!!
mydresswillfit Posts: 387
Ah go on give her a slap!
Sprocket Posts: 1671
what an idiot! Buy some earplugs for you and your colleagues and see does she take the hint >:o) :o0 >:o)
ceewa Posts: 478
i think if they brought in a slapping day here there woud be a queue! never met such a bridezilla ever! forgot another rant from earlier about the win your wedding prize on ray d'arcy, she started roaring about how crap a radissons are and why would anyone want a free wedding day in a place like that. when ray said about the week in rome for a honeymoon another rant about how stupid the people were giving the proze because nobody would want to go on a crap honeymoon to rome. i went to rome and paris on my honeymoon and she knows that. one of the other girls went to italy for 2 weeks and spent a week of it in rome.
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Think you need to give her a dig alright ;o(
gottabfp Posts: 5641
oh give me her number , ill ring and pretned to be the manager and tell her they double booked! Its people like her that make life more difficult for the rest of us! O:|
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Oh I really hate people like that, god she's have me driven nuts too O:| O:|
ott Posts: 3920
[quote="wannabfp":3jhjot4d]oh give me her number , ill ring and pretned to be the manager and tell her they double booked! Its people like her that make life more difficult for the rest of us! O:|[/quote:3jhjot4d] :o0 I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping she's a wollie so that she reads this and COPS THE FUCK ON TO HERSELF. :innocent:
paperclips Posts: 3146
[quote="wannabfp":2ugmzi73]oh give me her number , ill ring and pretned to be the manager and tell her they double booked! Its people like her that make life more difficult for the rest of us! O:|[/quote:2ugmzi73] :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 I would love to hear the phone conversation when you tell her the venue is double booked!
islandlil Posts: 1059
:eek :eek :eek :eek , what a crazy biatch! As they say real life is often weirder than fiction. I'd be really pis$ed at her remarks about your honeymoon destination and bridal shop and would say something the next time she comes out with a remark like that. Let's hope she is a wollie and sees the error of her ways!