I'm having a panic.

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MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
Wedding in 50 or so days. Still waiting on RSVPs ( WHAT is wrong with people that they can't let you know if they are coming or not). What if nobody turns up. I'm having visions of turning around at the alter to empty pews. Like I'm having dreams about it. Several really good friends have baled already. What if the ballroom looks empty cos nobody turns up. Or the weather in Feb is so bad nobody can come. Don't know what to do with hair. Feeling alternately depressed and panicked. Someone talk some sense into me.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Ok. 50 days is a long way away from the wedding for people to be RSVP'ng to. Your venue probably don't need final numbers maybe 24-48 hours before the wedding so don't panic. Most people will have replied by a week or 2 before. What's the neckline of your dress like? There's a few good online galleries for hair do's. Are you wearing a veil or a hairpiece? Some hairdressers have albums of upstyles you can have a pick through. You could bring your hair accessories in and have a chat with your hairdresser.