I'm in the labour ward with me sis!!! Any words of wisdom

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hairynut Posts: 55
Hi girls, .....My sister is 5 days overdue and I'll be accompanying her into the labour ward.. :action28 The daddy is stuck working on the boats and can't come home!! Needless to say I'm a tad nervous. I keep waiting for my phone to ring! I know it will be a wonderful experience and I'm so privileged to be part of it but I'm nervous as hell and trying so hard not to show it!! Any words of advice (or comfort?!!)
jen2 Posts: 3106
My sister came into the delivery suite with me when I had my first. She said she really enjoyed it, but she said she made the mistake of looking down at the baby coming out. She said her tummy did a flip, and she felt really faint. She only told me that a few months later. Truth is I did not notice her reactions. Just stay up by your sisters side. the midwives are fab, and your sister will just be happy that you are there to support her. Good on you for stepping in. Jen2
Rocky Posts: 465
I was with my sister when she had my nephew 2 years ago. She had a section though not natural birth but just incase your sister has one, here's what to expect. You will have to get dressed up in the gown, hat and cloth shoes. Then they take her in and give her epidural. After it takes affect, they call you in to the theatre. There's a green sheet up so ye cant see if ye dont want. but i had to have a look of course. I didnt feel quesy or anything. The biggest thing really is to help reassure your sister. As if she is anything like my sister, she was really scared so it was nice to have somebody to hold her hand. Overall I felt deeply privledged to be given the opportunity and i now feel like her little boy is part of me too. Also as im now pregnant i feel im little better prepared for my own. Hope things go ok for you both, Treasure the moment, Rocky :xxx
speedy55 Posts: 512
i've watched around 100 million programmes at this stage on labour and reminding your sister to breathe out the contractions seems to be very very important. if she starts to panic a little, keep reminding her of her breathing. keep moving around in early labour, she might also need to lean against you during a contraction. have a little tub of vaseline for her lips. you'd think i was an expert, come back to me at the end of the month and i might have different advice:o0
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
When the contractions start just remind her that everyone she goes through is one less ahead of her.I found this a positive thought! make sure you have a full meal as you may be standing for hours. If she is against pain relief it could be really upsetting watching her in agony so maybe read some relaxation tips before it so you can help with her breathing etc.
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
On a totally practical note.... :-8 This may sound dumb, but bring some magazines and playing cards or something. I was in labour for 16 hours, and in the early stages and in between contractions, it is actually quite boring! ( I had to be induced, so it was slow) You'll need something to pass the time. Also she probably won't be able to eat anything, but bring a snack for yourself, as it will be a long day/night, and you'll need to keep up energy levels to stay strong for her. Best of luck, you'll be fine!