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christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
I'm looking for some advice regarding haggling with venues!! Just got engaged and we're going to look at a venue on Sunday. I have my heart set on it and H2B likes it too. I know our prefered date is available and would happily go down and pay a deposit-done and dusted! Problem is (and I think he may be right!) H2B doesn't want to show our cards too early. He's afraid if we go down and book straight away, our haggling power will be gone and we won't get any good deals from them. He wants to provisionally book it and take a month or so to talk to them, try and get good deals, compare prices with other venues, etc before we commit and pay them a deposit. I'm afraid our date and dates around it will be gone then! So my questions to much wiser and seasoned Wollies are: -Do venues take provisional bookings? -How long do they hold them for? -How much can you haggle? Thanks in advance girls!! :wv
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Id do all your haggling before you pay a deposit. To be honest I think your H2B has some good points. Most venues will hold your date but it depends on how popular it is - they might only hold it for a week for you. How much you can haggle also depends on the venue. Most are willing to meet you half way or more on what you want but unfortunately there are still plenty of venues out there that wont compromise at all - again I think it depends on their popularity and their reliance on weddings as a source of income.
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
+1 don't pay deposit until you haggle. You have no coming back from it. Go over the package and look at the areas you want changed and then approach the hotel with this. say you are more then happy to go ahead if they can do x, y & z On the other hand it depends on your hotel. Our venue, there was no haggling at all. They are extremely popular and know they can get another wedding in if we didn't book. They didn't budge on anything.
tnydancer Posts: 100
Hey Christmasbride I think you getting married a few days before me! Since our date is so popular and I always wanted that hotel this is what we did... Visited the hotel on the Sat and got the details of their package and prices talked to the co-ordinator then left. We went to other hotels in the area or looked up online if there was no one to talk to and got details on their packages also we checked on the haggle room. Some were more forthcoming then others. We sat down that night and decided what we wanted included in the package which was not on their list like Bar extention, rooms for parents, menu tasting and others. We then decided how much we were willing to pay for it all. The next day we went back to the hotel and brought in all the details from the other hotels. I sent my dad in to negotiate cause me and h2b hate that stuff!! :-8 He showed them the other packages and what we wanted. After some heavy talks they came out and bingo we got everything we wanted for the price we wanted. We put the deposit down then and there. I must say it was a relief to have the date booked but also comforting to know we got the best deal we could have . Sorry for rambling there... Good luck!! :wv
the bees knees Posts: 755
Im the same as nye2012.... We went and had a look in a few places on a Saturday and Sunday very casual, looked at their packages etc... Brought all the info home and then between us decided what we wanted from a package went back to hotel we liked the most and did a small bit of bargaining via email, then went down to meet them did another bit of haggling and when we got what we wanted put the deposit straight down , they sent out the contract a few days later, I saw that there was 2 things missing from it that we had spoken about so they drew up a new one and hey presto .. think we got a great deal.... And when i say bargaining/haggling i dont mean we went in all guns blazing i just told them what i would like, and how much i was willing to pay etc and it was grand.. Most of the suggestions i made she ( the co-ordinator) didnt even blink she just said , 'ya no bother'.. Also I think most Hotels will hold a provisional booking for 2 weeks... best of luck with the planning.... Your in the right place here on WOL its totally addictive, but I have found it a great help!!!!!!!
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
Hi Christmas Bride, Most hotels will let you provisionally book. We booked ours and then had two weeks before we had to confirm the booking with a deposit. We used this time to really go through everything and then sent various e-mails/calls to the hotel and met them again before we paid the deposit. It takes the pressure off and gives you time to really think about it.
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
Thanks a million girls!! NYE-it's so exciting isn't it, even though it feels so far away! It'll probably fly though! Well we went to see the venue today and have provisionally booked it! Had a chat with the manager and he gave us a good deal! €63 a head for: -Mulled wine and Sparkling Wine Reception. -5 course meal - choice of 2 in each course incl Fillet Steak. -Evening Food -Wine - 1 glass + 2 top up's. Complimentary rooms for Parents. Free Bar Extension No charge for Civil Ceremony set up. We'll try and get him down a few more euro's before we sign the dotted line but so far so good!!