i'm really afraid

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maybemommy Posts: 3
i'm a regular user but incognito for this one i'm afraid....i think i might be pregnant. i would be delighted but i'm getting married in 7 weeks!! we just had "the baby talk" and decided to wait until next year, get the house sorted, just have some us time! i missed 2 days of my pill last month. i've had spotting for the last couple of days and some cramps (i thought it was my period but it was so, so light if it was!!) but i just have this feeling.....i'm wrecked. it's only 8pm and my eyes are nearly hanging out of my head. and i feel sick all day everyday. i threw up yesterday but in the afternoon, it seems to get worse in the afternoon. my boobs are unbelievably tender and they look different!! they feel sort of "droopy" and the veins seem really bright!!! (sorry if i'm gross!!!) i don't want to get a test in case it comes up positive and i'm trying to convince myself i'm imagining it all!! what am i going to do...i'm so afraid h2be will go mad after us planning our little lives and hoping to get a few holidays in before even thinking about a little one!
Dcd Posts: 1471
It could be nothing, it could just be that you're just stressed out over the wedding plans and knowing you missed your pill etc. But there is a chance you could be pregnant and not doing a test won't make that go away :? At least if you do a test you'll know either way and even if it's positive it will put your mind at ease that you're not just imagining things :lol: Best of luck! Deb
Twinkle Posts: 174
Do the test and as soon as possible. As it stands now you think you have pregnancy symptoms and you're imagining all sorts of worse case scenarios which is definitely not what you should be doing when your wedding is only 7 weeks away. Get the test (pref one of the digital ones) find out for certain, talk to your H2B and then take it from there. Its not the end of the world but you could just be worrying yourself for nothing. Best of luck and I hope everything works out for you. :)
Grainne20 Posts: 835
You sound like me, only we had wanted to wait 2 years :shock: . We got married in july and I am only 26. However now it has sunk in we are pg and we are thrilled. So please get the test you will put yourself out of the misery you are going through not knowing. Good Luck. Let us know
bride. Posts: 3014
Hi, I missed two of my pills a few weeks ago, I do this now and again as I have a rubbish memory. Anyway, if I have missed more than one, I get light cramping and will always have a light bleed as well. It might be just the reaction to missing your pills. The tender breasts and nausea though are bound to get your hopes up, you should just get a test and either rule it out or confirm it! Let us know how you get on!
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
As the others said I think you do need to do a test and put your mind at ease. At least you will know one way or the other. Take care and let us know how you get on
ed* Posts: 402
Hi maybemommy, You'll only be worrying until you find out for sure, your best bet is to do a test... at least your wedding is only a few weeks away as opposed to 4-5 months when you would be showing.. You say you had both discussed the baby issue and agreed to wait, but I'm sure your H2B will be delighted if you are expecting.. if a little shocked :wink: Takecare of yourself
letty Posts: 444
i was the same as you i had booked my wedding and done all preparations for may 07, until last week i just came back from new york thought i was really bad with jet lag,,,, dont know what possessed me to do a test, when it didnt come up with a result untill a day late - i nearly passed out, we had planned to take this year off as we just bought a house we wanted to go to florida before any kids came along,, and be big kids ourselves,, ssia matures this year so wanted to have a ball,,, now after the result we were shocked trilled excited didnt know how partner would react, but he was trilled, then i had little car crash sat - and i panicked was in rotunda most of the weekend having scans even though the little mite is 7 weeks old i had just got use to it been there,, i didnt want to loose it,, so go and do your test and share it with the husband to be,,, some things just happen for a reason,, so take it as a little blessing,,, sure he/she can always go with you on holidays.... let us know how you get on, bet your husband to be will be trilled... :lol:
maybemommy Posts: 3
thanks for all the lovley replies girls. i have the test burning a hole in my bag. i think maybe i've been reading too many posts on this forum and now have my self absolutely convinced i am!! i'm hoping that i'm just winding myself up and its all in my head, i supposed "symtoms" seem all the more real when you start adding them up and thinking about it too much!! i'l let you all know later how i get on with the test. better to know i guess.
letty Posts: 444
best of luck with the test .....xxxx