I'm Rhesus Negative

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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Found out yesterday at my appointment im Rhesus Negative,anyone else the same? Imagine you would think I was told before now
charli Posts: 5994
not me but SIL is and when she was pg all was fine - just that her hubby is positive so when baba is born they check blood group straight away - if baba is neg fine but if positive (like her baby was) they will administer an injections just to stop the bloods mixing its straight forward - just an injection IF baby is positive, nothing to worry about though :wv
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Me too missus. I knew for years anyhow. It's been on my chart though since the first bloods at 12 weeks, and last week (week 28) I had to have another blood test to see about the antibodies. I think if I don't have enough, an injection will cure it. If you have the book What to expect.... there's a chapter in there on it. It's nothing major though, I'll have a look again this evening. :wv
the moms Posts: 1427
What does Rhesus negative mean?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I was so shocked when the nurse said it to me as I was on the weighing scales and she just started blabbing on and then said "you know you are dont you"eh...no you have had my chart and I wasnt told,then she started to talk to someone else >:o( it was bad busy only 1 doctor on with about 30 women waiting! She gave me a leaflet so I have been reading it over and over the risks will be much higher on our 2nd pregnancy apparently I will need an injection of Anti-D if I fall,bleed or am in a car accident! Got a blood count done yesterday before I left so will see what that says...I just feel like I should have been told by my GP or the hospital ive had bloods done lots of times...I could have fallen before now and never knew
charli Posts: 5994
its your blood group - negative is the most rare type majority of people are 0 Positive
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
My sister is and I was worried when I m/c because of the whole anti d injection but was told unless over 12 weeks they don't give anti d. My SIL is too and she got shot of anti d after having her baby. If I were you I would bring it up at your next appointment and just ask will you need injection after labour. Try not to worry it's not very serious at all.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
[quote="stumpy":2pigk95b]What does Rhesus negative mean?[/quote:2pigk95b] Rhesus is the name given to a structure,made of protein on the suface of red blood cells. This structure is present on everyones red cells,but it is not identical in everyone. The more common type is Rhesus Postive,1 in 6 are rhesus Negative. During any pregnancy small amounts of the babys blood can escape across the placenta into the mothers bloodstream.Its is especially common at birth or after a miscarriage.Your body can react to the rhesus postive blood cells from your baby and create anti-bodies that can damage the blood cells of your rhesus positive baby.
luigi Posts: 867
My best friend is too, we were pregnant at the same time and she had many more appointments than me to discuss the condition. I hope Im not completely wrong but from what I understand she had an injection mid-pregnancy to safeguard her blood, then another directly after the baby incase their bloods mixed in delivery as if they had then her body would have rejected any subsequent pregnancies. Everything went fine and she has a gorgeous little girl. She did trip in late pregnancy and they gave her anti-D then too. Dont worry yourself over it, the doctors are used to dealing with it and know what to do regarding bumps etc..
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I'm Rhesus Neg, and my daughter is also. However H2B is Positive, but really, its not a big deal. Mama - Have you never given blood or had reason to find out your blood type? I'm O Neg, so everyone can recieve my blood, but I can only get O Neg. Everytime I go to give blood, there seems to be a reason that I have to wait a bit longer though.