I'm sick and I want to go home.

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Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Morning girls. How are ye all doing this morning. I want to go home. My eyes and nose are streaming, I'm freezing cold and I have a sick stomach. :o( Why can't I just be in my bed right now???
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Go home and get back into bed Cocoa and look after yourself :wv
clucky Posts: 26471
aw no you poor thing have a lemsip and a cup a soup and go home at lunch
Shin Posts: 8515
oh hey cocoa im the same. i was in a lovely sleep this morning. Its awful being away from your bed isnt it? bed is just the bed thing, then food...... >:o) or maybe food then bed, havent decided yet.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Will I write your boss a sick note??? :o0 Ask your boss would he mind if you slipped off down the chemist to get some meds!! He might let you go home!!!!!
*gone* Posts: 4785
Yeah, ask to go to the chemists, and then by lunch time ask if it's ok if you just go home for the rest of the day. It's frieday after all, just try and finish up anything that cant wait until Monday so the boss will see there's no real need for you to stay on. Failing that, start coughing on him!
survivor Posts: 2507
Aw poor you. Any chance you'd be allowed to go home. If so, swing by the video shop on the way and the local chemist for supplies. Oh yeah and the centra too, for soup.
over it Posts: 2779
Poor you :action32 I can definately recommend bed today - it's fab, even with the aches and pains and shivers!
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Ah thanks girlies. Just had a mug of cooled boiled water and I have to say that I do believe that it has done the job. Stomach doesn't feel as bad and I am just after eating a scrumptious pear so I think I might just be on the mend. Thanks again. Looking forward to a chilled out weekend.