I'm sick of my 2 bridesmaids

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mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
One of them just cancelled dress shopping tomorrow for quite a selfish reason...I'm sick of trying to plan around them..think I'll pick dress myself and not even show them. I'm fed up of whole thing. I thought bridesmaids were supposed to be supportive and want to do anything they could..if it was the other way round I'd drop everything to help >:o(
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Hopefully things will work themselves out, I know how you feel, I only had 1 and she was a cow!!!
grumpy Posts: 1280
Lovely >:o(. I know nobody is ever as excited about your wedding as you are, but this is shopping for her!! Are they married themselves? I was my sis's bm, and to be honest, I sucked :-8. I just didn't realise how much work she was putting in to everything, and had no idea how to make things easier for her (I did offer to help, but she never took me up on it). I was there whenever she wanted me around for fittings and shopping though.
b2b2010 Posts: 85
Ah thats awful. I'd say u were really disappointed. I am sure u had a nice picture of how the day would go. Fun shopping then maybe lunch with wine to discuss the dresses! I am a BM for my friend and am going out of my way to make her happy and create nice memories for us. Even brought her to NY (she had never been) to shop for all wedding stuff but I bearly got a thank you. She just was not bothered! I was left thinking 'why am I doing this?' Anyway maybe we could swop, I could be your BM instead :o0 :o0 Hope she bucks up!!
Davis Posts: 78
I'm feeling for you. When I was doing bridesmaid for my cousin, she went off and bought three dresses in different sizes and said this is what we are wearing. They were lovely and no one once said anything different. Your bridesmaid should be there to support you, especially with the dresses. Other things you feel you have to do on your own, as they are yours and your H2B decision. Don't let it get you down. Not worth the hasse. Good luck with your day incase I'm not talking to you before hand. :wv
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thats awful, I know how you feel thou i've asked for very little help with anything and the one or two things i asked for all i heard was moaning ! I've never come across such begrudgery - I am like you anyone i knew in past getting married i went out of my way to offer support and help and make sure i listened to everything but some of my friends and family have been nothing short of offensive to us !
micksmrs Posts: 931
My sis is my CBM and made a comment to my bessie mate that she "just couldnt be bothered with weddings" since she had her own. My mate told her in no uncertain terms that she had better buck up and be as happy and excited for me as I was for her on the day or she would have her to answer to! So she got pregnant and just had a baby :o0 , I hope to go dress shopping for her and my other sis in April, wedding in August, couldnt give a toss will pick something off the shelf that suits both of them, baby bump or no baby bump! The dress shopping will be for one day only and otherwise I have organised the rest of the wedding, hen etc myself. couldnt be happier to do it all and not get advice from anyone as the politics that go with a wedding is serious!
montagne Posts: 1849
Thats nothing, one of my BMs has asked if she can have Manolo Blahniks because of her scoliosis. Im so mad about it, I cant say it aloud.
she Posts: 3298
[quote="montagne":2bq1ppaa]Thats nothing, one of my BMs has asked if she can have Manolo Blahniks because of her scoliosis. Im so mad about it, I cant say it aloud.[/quote:2bq1ppaa] who does she think she is Carrie Bradshaw!!!!!!!!!!!get her Dunnes best!!!! :o0
montagne Posts: 1849
If she's lucky! She didnt show up when I was trying on wedding dresses and thinks her dress is coming from BT and keeps asking me about the bridesmaids budget. Im starting to wonder why I asked her to be honest.