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cheile Posts: 1202
Went out to get shopping for the office like tea, biscuits etc and I ended up buying a pair of shoes for myself, evening primrose for my nan and I also got my own shopping for din dins this evening :lol: Anyone else as bold as I am?
clucky Posts: 26471
depends what are the shoes like?
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
I've spent € 290 I don't have on clothes in the last week. Does that count? As for dossing in work - I should be sacked for how little i've done today!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
vic Posts: 271
Ive often done that! I used to work in the city centre. Every day Id go to the bank with the lodgement and pop around a few shops afterwards! Id pop any 'purchases' into the car on the way back and then go in huffing and puffing about the queues in bank being ridiculous!!
cheile Posts: 1202
They are fab, they were €55 in Barretts and I got them for €15 - BARGIN, had to do a bit of looking though (its not easy when you're a size 3!) Actually, they have a massive sale there and the mo, I must haul the h2b in at the weekend. He is a one good shirt, jeans and one pair of shoes man :roll:
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
I'm so glad I don't work in Dublin any more. I had absolutely no money because I was buying at lunch time all the time. Last night I bought a skirt in Tesco. They're selling off all their summer stuff. Gorgeous kids clothes too.
Mistified Posts: 2680
Wait now....do you mean you used the work money to buy the shoes, or just bought them while you were out on work business? I went to a conference one day for work in a hotel in the city centre. I got there and realised it was going to be largely irrelevant to me so I left and headed to Grafton St. I felt guilty though and headed back to work at lunchtime.
cheile Posts: 1202
Oh God no Mistified, I'm not that bold, but I was gone for nearly 2hrs :P
Mistified Posts: 2680
Oh right! That's ok! :lol: