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bijou Posts: 1154
Hi guys. I'm so delighted. I have an old friend from France whom I worked with here for a few years and we became close enough. I moved jobs and she moved back to France. We keep in tough by christmas cards and the odd e-mail here & there. Anyway, I sent her an invite for the evening part of my wedding in 3 weeks time, but stated on it that I understood if she couldn't make it etc, but wanted her to know she was invited all the same. Well, she just called me there now to say that she's trying to get a flight and will be by herself as her OH is busy, but she's going to try and get a quick trip over to see me as it's been over 5 years since we last saw eachother. I am so touched that she's making such an effort for me. It just goes to show, there are such wonderful people out there. :lvs
SparkleX Posts: 1057
That is so sweet. A sign of true friendship :)
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
Thats true friendship.... Enjoy your day. :xox
bijou Posts: 1154
Thanks girls.....she's just made my day, I can't stop smiling now :wv
shellbell Posts: 440
Aww bijou thats so nice of her! What a good friend! I know exactly how you feel, my cousin has decided to cut her year abroad short and will be home next week in time for my hen & wedding I'm just so touched.