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candypants Posts: 8575
and the person i was before i got pregnant...... I hate the person i am now, im sore constantly, crying, cranky, and never want to do anything from one week to the next. Its not fair on OH and DD, and everyone elses head i take off at the drop of a hat. I just really wish i didnt feel like this :o( :o( :o( (crying as i type and no idea why) >:o(
LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
Hope you're ok candypants! :action32
goinloco Posts: 774
aww you poor thing candypants :action32 i know how you feel, i had a complete mental breakdown earlier because i couldnt find anything to wear :o0 im so hormonal and boring these days, its a chore to go anywhere sometimes! i didnt see some friends and family in weeks because of morning sickness :hic maybe you need to take some time out for yourself, go for a manicure or massage?
MeSB Posts: 3785
cappucino Posts: 160
oh Candypants I totally know how you feel... I just said it to ever patient DH last night and ended up in tears for the first time... 8+3 and so sick of being sick... every minute of every day is trying to get the sick feeling out of my head... i just love sleeping and so look forward to my bed everynight.. i just hope to god, that the MS will be gone in another 4 or so weeks... thankfully not moody but just sick of being sick - for some reason, I was sure I woudnt be affected by MS as I am never ususally sick.. what planet was i on ! but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end...
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I felt like that too but since having DS I feel like a new improved me :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll You'll feel like yourself soon too :xox :xox
the fortress Posts: 341
I really know how you feel. I was feeling sorry for myself today just thinking about how nearly a year of my life is completely about this pregnancy and me & my body come 2nd to the baby every time. I really miss my normal energy levels and being able to wear nice things...and then I feel guilty for being selfish! I am at a similar stage to you so maybe it has something to do with the mid-late 2nd trimester as it all feels very far away still and the pregnancy just feels like it's dragging on and on and on....... I am also suffering with a chest infection fro the past 6 days so that might be adding to my gloom at the mo :o(
delgirl Posts: 1706
it's normal to feel like you have completely lost control of your body. I woke up with a massive pile this morning and am feeling very sorry for myself. Mentioned it to dh and he said 'oh have you acquired death'. He is not very sympathetic and if i could pass on my pile to him right now I gladly would while he slept >:o) It is all worth it though just hard to remember that sometimes.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I can totally empathise with you, I am putting my poor dh through the horrors these days with my mood swings, up and down constantly. I dont remember ever feeling so tired with ds but then I had loads of time to lay around and take naps, now I have a toddler to run around after. Its tough, I cannot wait to meet this little person now and try to get my body back to normal. We were away recently with friends on holiday and I just felt like me trapped in this bloated pregnant body, everyone was having such a good time in the sun and I was constantly overheating, trying to stay out of the sun as opposed to everyone trying to be in it, and avoiding alcohol. I was miserable and smiling the whole time pretending to be having a ball. The mood swings are just awful, my poor hubbie deserves a medal. He was watching Friends yesterday, the episode where Rachel is pregnant and Phoebe says 'Dont anger it man' We were laughing because yep thats me! :o0
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Jesus girls I must be the only one in great form, TBH im really shocked in myself at how good my mood is and even my s3x drive, have energy if I get a good sleep the night before, I know ive had one or 2 off days as in "ive nothing to wear and im a fat cow" :o0 :o0 but on the whole im loving pregnancy even if I have put on about 2 stone so far :ooh :ooh :ooh, I pray it stays this way for me :o0 :o0 :o0 Sorry to hear your having a sh1t time of it CP, hopefully now as your coming into your 3 trimester things will start looking up for you :xxx