I need a Table Plan for my hotel.

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LF2009 Posts: 9
Hey there all. I have been trying to find someone that I can get a table plan made by. My sister is offering to make it for me but I don’t want to put her through the trouble of it as I know its going to be a head wrecker. Well if you know someone please let me know. Thanks LF
carafara Posts: 78
just pm'd u with mine!!... (never pm'd before so hope it worked!!)...hope its useful! if you ask hotel to email u one, im sure they will! thats where i got mine! [url=] [img:3gonwxuh];10766;116/st/20110708/e/Our+Wedding/dt/-18/k/17e1/event.png[/img:3gonwxuh] [/url]