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salchesay Posts: 1
Hi Everyone. Well.. I wanted a small wedding and first we planned it and then it changed. We decided to go to Las Vegas (we all live in Az.) cause we were behind on stuff and vegas would be great. I wanted to just invite my parents, siblings, grandma and who ever could make it and my fiance's family. So we went with that. Remember I just wanted a small wedding. THEN I hear my grandma, aunties don't want to go to vegas cause everyone wanted to watch me get married and can't make it cause they don't have enough money.. which I don't mind cause they weren't required to go. Also my cousin said she talked to someone and "that someone" told her that "my FIANCE'S FAMILY allegedly "changed it to vegas" because my family couldn't afford it". That wasn't the case and my fiances family don't talk to anyone from where I am from so I don't know where she got that info. SO i'm asking what else is their to say. am I wrong for having it far away
meme134 Posts: 71
Its your day, go do what your happy with. I would not listen to what anyone says at the end of the day its Your wedding.
Munstermolly Posts: 100
I had this problem too , we always said we were going abroad to marry from the the day we got engaged 13 years ago , we have a mortgage and 2 children and to be honest even if we wanted to I don't think we could afford to have a wedding in Ireland, from the get go we said we were not borrowing money to pay for a wedding , so we decided to get married July this year but told family 2 years ago to give them all plenty of time to save , As with all family's someone will always have something to say , so when one or two said their piece my answer was " we'll stay here if you pay for it " To be honest you will never keep everyone happy , but if you want to marry in Vegas do it , its your day ,
Mia Taylor Posts: 13
I know my answer is late, but I hope you did everything as you wanted! I know that stress of the families interfering. We did everything as WE wanted! We paid for the whole wedding, so no one could say anything!