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bridetobe2011 Posts: 154
Hey Girls. Just wondering i was at the dentist today i absoutely hate him but have to go as i had an accident a couple of years ago with my teeth. Today he told me i need to get braces absoutely raging as i will have them for my wedding (not that i mind if they are going to help my teeth). But just wondering does medical card cover them or if you had enough prsi to cover them. last thing i needed to was fork out for braces when im in the middle of saving for a wedding
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
hi i got braces before xmas my two front teeth are covering tooth at either side front out and otdidnt have to get tgeeth out dont want perfect teeth but there pushing front two out and others out to meet it the differencwe is unreal and i suppose im quiet vain i hated the thoughts of it but i have to same i really dont ming them though id be concious but i dont care dentist dosent know if theyll be ready for my wedding but im getting them taken off for wedding then put back on afer honeymoon if i have to i gave my limits wedding photos no way but thats just me :eek :eek and you wont be covered on medical card as if its not an extreme case its known as cosmetic hopethis helps :wv :wv
ozypozy Posts: 2950
A friend of mine has braces as well and she's getting them taken off for my wedding - not sure why, it certainly doesnt bother me but she wants to. They'll be put back on again after the wedding as if they were always there! I think its a great idea!
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
First of all if you hate your dentist you have no business attending him for orthodontic treatment as you will be seeing him every 6 weeks. i got clear braces on my top teeth in Oct 2007 and they are coming off next week. they have cost me €4,500 :eek :eek :eek which i know is an awful lot of money but its sooooo well worth it. my teeth are now perfectly straight & i couldnt be happier. :cool im 99% sure that medical cards dont cover the cost of ortho treatment. you have the choice to be seen publicly for free but you might just wait anything up to 6 years to be seen. (i kid you not-this is why i went private) if you go private and pay in full you can claim back 20% on a Med 2 form at the end. HTH
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Got my braces from Dr McElroy orthodontic surgeon in Clontarf, took me just under 2 years, got them off 3 days before the wedding and it cost me €5,000. Best thing I ever did, and it will be the best thing you ever do, think about how fab your teeth will look in your photos, you can get them taken out before the wedding and put back in, and reputable surgeon will be willing to accomodate this request for a bride on her wedding day, my surgeon offered to if my treatment was not finished in time but thankfully it was.