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fizzy Posts: 113
hi girls how much did you all pay for your invitations?? i really dont want to pay more than 200 for invitations i want to have 150 at the wedding and order 20 extra just in case. can anyone help?? ive been on lantz and god there very expensive for somthing thats just going to be chucked into the recycling bin!! and i dont want to go down the route of making them, would like them printed on the inside so dont want pre packed invitations?? am i asking too much???? O:|
sillysocks Posts: 1390
No.... we had about the same number of invites (went for 100 invites - remember that you only need around half the number of invites as you have guests because most will be for two people!) These are the invites we went for , look better in real life and they fold under the red part and again halfway down the white part to fit into the little clear pocket. I ordered from and they were a pleasure to deal with! The invites cost about 175 eur including postage but did have to pay 50 eur in customs so brought them to about 225. Delighted with them though and they will personalise them in any way you want! Just remember if you look under invitations and Carlson Craft on the website that there is a constant sale of 35% off the price listed on the website so that cuts down the cost a good bit. [img:i5iwp401]http://www.afairytalewedding.cceasy.com/pics/EasiestWeddingPics/Dealer/FBN42PFlr.gif[/img:i5iwp401]
janers Posts: 37
I know it's not traditional, but I just got a quote from Snap Printing for 50euro for 100 A6 cards, printed both sides. Then you just have to buy envelopes... Artwork costs 100euro for 1 hour. We're going to do either this or Daintree.
happy angel Posts: 928
if u know anyone going to new york i got ours 4 boxes 40 of day and evening for 20 euro so happy we print them our self was in pound store shop place friend picked em up for us
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Cat2009 Posts: 340
hi ladies! I got 200 invitations and envelopes for 140 + vat...so was 165 euro. The are plain white card with gold writing...simple but lovely. we didnt want to pay big money for something that ends up in the bin. Pm me if you want the details. xxx
Comorgo Posts: 75
Hi Guys I'm ordering mine from . Its costing me €290 for 140 day, 75 evening and 140 reply. (wedding is for 250 and I want to have a good few spares!!!) Were having the Butterfly ones, they are so so simple but really fab! They sent me out a sample n all....even h2b thought they were fab!!! Anyway just thought id share my bargain with ye all!
skittles Posts: 1312
irish company so no huge shipping charges and the printed range are very reasonable.i got my invites,rsvp's,thank you cards,and mass books for under €400
onlineweddinginvites Posts: 9
Hi Fizzy, if you're looking for something a little different I specialist in email wedding invitations at competitive prices. You can find samples on my website
kitten_77 Posts: 826
apparently Tescos and M&S had really good value wedding invitation cards on sale recently!