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Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Getting h2b his wedding present which I have opted for a nice holiday for the two of us post wedding. My limit is 1k and I have to be able to go and book it in a travel agents because book online as we have joint credit card and h2b would see it on the statement. I want to go sometime at start of March and cannot go in first two weeks in April. Would love to go to Majorca (h2b loves it there) and want a bit of sun but h2b doesn't like any of the canary islands or tunisia or morocco which leaves me limited in terms of sunshine for that time of year. Any ideas on where I can bring the choosy fe*cker!!! (I love him really :o0 )
Ladybird32 Posts: 1216
How about Cyprus? It is "the island of love" so would make a nice wedding gift, the weather should be good too. Check out the Nissi Beach Hotel-its amazing, has its own private beach and is very romantic. Best of luck deciding! :wv
clucky Posts: 26471
go to Budget Travel Book Egypt easy peasy japanesey have a great time arent you a great wife
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Actually I had thought about Egypt too because h2b is fascinated by the pyramids and only said the other day he'd love to go. How warm would it be at the start of march do you know Clucky?
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
bumpety bump? Anyone else?
clucky Posts: 26471
http://touregypt.net/climate.htm temps in march http://search.budgettravel.ie/budgettravel/index.jsp