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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
I am going to head off buggy looking later for the liitle one and would love your opinion on this travel sysytem. I am looking in smyths as they seem very reasonable...I mean some of the prices in other stores go up to 800 plus euros...where are ye all buying?? http://www.toys.ie/-!F08262-prod.aspx?r ... tID=smyths I am not sure if that link will work so my apologies....
searchingforBFP Posts: 111
It didnt seem to work so what I will do is post the catalogue number and it is on smyths website... F08262
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
I think its lovely. Bloke in my job actually bought the very same one a few weeks ago from ebay and got it delivered to the job so i had a look at it.. Its really good quality too.. and the colour is really nice..
searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Silly question but is the baby seat a separate or is it part of the package. I get the feeling it has to be detached from the pushcahir even thought the picture makes it look like you are geeting a pushchair and a car seat separate?? Is this suitable for a new born baby? Does it have all that I need or am I better off spending another hundred and getting a better one? I find it hard to find the forward facing chairs....I cant understand the baby facing away from you when out walking, I guess it is just a personal choice. All opinions welcome
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
We bought a different Graco, but had a look at that one - it was lighter than the one we bought, but would be handy if you used a lot of buses / trains etc. I've seen a lot of people around locally using it as well. Have a look on www.online4baby.co.uk - go onto their ebay shop, as they sell Graco pushchairs and are far cheaper than Smyths were for our one anyway. The car seat is seperate and clicks into the main buggy, and the buggy lies flat and is suitable for a newborn. On that website I gave you, it gives a few different images of the buggy as well to give you a better idea.