I need some new bras!!!!

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sunnygirl Posts: 1876
Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy some decent comfy bras (in Dublin)? I don't want the usual M&S Maternity ones or Nursing bras. Basically looking for well fitted wire-free bras. I should probably get re-fitted again too as my boobs have grown so much! Anyone know anywhere good for that - Again I'd rather avoid M&S !!! Thanks
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
I need them too and I'm only 10 and a half weeks gone! I think my bigger boobs give me away more than the bloated tum. :-8 :-8
birdie Posts: 954
Well I was going to say M&S!!!!!!!!!!!! The only other place I tried was Mothercare and I didn't think the bras were up to much.......I'm on the large side anyway so needed a really good bra as I usually find non-wired bras to be worse than useless so Marks was really the best place! Sorry!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Sorry to jump on your thread sunnygirl but I'm just wondering why we souldn't wear underwired ones? I've read it in various places that we shouldn't wear these but don't know why. :thnk
bubbalicious Posts: 330
Hi Sunnygirl, I am with you on the M & S bras - I think I have tried on every bra in there shop but none gave me the support I need. I went to Debenhams and got the most beautiful, supportive, pretty non wired bra. They have a good selection in there. I went to the one in Tallaght. The make i got was Royce and got in my size 32c which is up from a 32 a!!!! :o0 HTH :lvs
phananta Posts: 330
I have to say I'm finding the Mothercare ones really good - was expecting zero support from non-underwire, especially as I'm up about 2 sizes already (now 34E), but they're great, and super comfy, and loads of selection if you go to a big Mothercare. I did find that the maternity ones were more basic, and if you wanted pretty ones with lace etc, you have to get the nursing ones, but what harm, pg I'll be needing them soon enough anyway!
piripiri Posts: 165
i dont understand why we cant wear underwired either! I'm 17 weeks and wearing my own bra with extender...time to change tho methinks! I'm 36E at the moment so God only knows what they'll say I am now!! Are non-underwired really good and supportive?? I just couldn't go around flopping!!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I only posted about bras last week, Debenhams have the Dr. Miriam Shopard maternity/breast feeding ones 70% off at the mo, I got a 2 pack for 11.70 but they only had fairly big sizes and only had red/crea ones left but fab prices!
s wife Posts: 1445
can i jump on the here im just wondering if there is any bra's out there that are not for breastfeeding that we can wear during the pregnancy ,as everytime i look for maternity bra's they all have the easy access fronts :wv
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I need some new ones too. My underwire is starting to dig in to me. When I take my bra off at night I feel like shouting "Freedoooooom"!.