I need to have a colposcopy:(

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the winner Posts: 4148
Hey all.. Came home from work today and checked the post... a letter from the well woman ( where I have smears etc) saying they have made an appointment for me in holles street to have a colposcopy .. that my last 2 smears had abnormalities... I knew the 1st one did but was really hoping the 2nd was clear... I have NO idea what this means to be honest.. I have read up on it but everytime i just cringe and have to stop reading... Im soooo bad with things like this... as in I HATE them and do be so scared.. What a wuss I know... Just wondering has anyone out there had one? and is it sore?? Thx:D
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Hi there Winner, DONT PANIC! I've had loads of those yolks in the last 3 years and honestly they're not as bad as they sound. It'll be something similar to getting a smear done, only theres a camera attached to the thing. they'll take a look at the cells that are abnormal using the camera thingy. Depending on this they'll decide what action to take. the first time i had a colposcopy done was in January 06 and my smear was severely abnormal - Level 3. They ended up doing LLETZ treatment on me in March that year to burn off the abnormal cells. This was only because it was so abnormal. I had a follow up smear in September 06 and it was level 2 abnormal and they follwed it up at my check up appointment in March 07. I had another colposcopy done this time and they were happy enough not to pursue it any further. I've had a colposcoy twice since and they were ok so I've just a smear to get done in March this year. I know i've given you a long winded response and may sound scary but honestly these people deal with this every day and know that we'll be worried sick/embarrased etc. The clinic will probably be packed the day you go but just goes to show how common it is and its easily treated. I went to the Coombe to get treated and they couldn't have been better. Anyway, hope this helps put your mind at ease, I was like you when i was told I had to go and didn't realise how common it was. I found loads of info on the website so maybe have a look there. (it'll probably be less confusing than my essay!!) Ozy :thnk
the winner Posts: 4148
Thanks Ozy really appreciate the reply :D good to hear its just like a smear except on camera lol .. I am dreading it but hey at 28 I would wanna cop on:D Thx for the reply and good to hear your all ok now:D
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Glad I've helped. If it makes you feel better I was 23 when I went first and brought my Mammy!!! Dont worry about it anyway, you'll be fine!
the winner Posts: 4148
Thanks Ozy :D I'll be bringing H2B with me :D You would think after giving birth to a child that I would be a little braver... LOL if I'm like this now imagine what Id be like if we had a baby ?? lol *)
fifi28 Posts: 481
hi there try not to worry ive had loads of these it is really similar to a smear a bit uncomfortable but it is over before you know it :wv :wv
the winner Posts: 4148
Thanks Stressed09:D AH its a day off work and I'll be in holles street so really close to shops :D hee hee always a good side of everything :D *) *) :lvs Thx
emlo Posts: 1506
I've had one of those in Holles St and the doctors and nurses there are absolutely lovely. As the other posters have said, it's just like a smear. Once the camera is in there, you wouldn't really notice, iykwim. Good luck with it!
Diamontee Posts: 675
Best of luck lovey! I have had it done 4 times. First time I was nervous but it was fine!! I bought my mam too!! was only 21 though and theres nothing like a mammys support!! :o0 You'll be fine pet :xxx
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
you will be fine :wv don't worry i had my first colposcopy in april last year and had no treatment. having a follow up colposcopy in five weeks. i brought my hubby with me, used the procedure to my advantage, was brought loads of cups of tea! :o0