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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Hope you dont mind me posting here! I had day 21 bloods done (had 2 m/c's) and progesterone came back in the mid 30's which doc said was ok, obviously i got on the net but found lots of conflicting views, then i came across another thread on another Irish pregnancy forum and some girls there said their specialists wanted their levels in the 60's? anyone any info for me?
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I'm afraid I don't have much info for ya but, I'd been getting day 21 bloods done for nearly 3 yrs and the first and only month I ovulated was last december!! I hit 48 and it was the same mth I conceived!! I was on clomid and was told that it would blow me well into the 60's at least, but it never did bar the one mth it worked the highest I got was 48 and I got my BFP... also for the 6mths prior to my bfp, i was getting day 21bloods done and day 28 bloods done, and the last 3 mths before BFP I was also getting day 35 bloods done...it was the day 28 that i had rose to 48!! Are you only getting day 21 bloods would ya not try day 28 as well just to see if there is a difference..if your ovulating at all you'll notice a difference first time you do it and you'll know if its pointless there after! hope that helps some bit
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
thanks pet-think il see doc again-he'll be sick of me soon :-8