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dita Posts: 960
went for my early scan 7weeks 4days and I got to see the shape of the baby and its litttle heart beat.. It was just so amazing..and wonderful and If I didn't feel so sick I would even be more happy.... fingers crossed it passes soon as I am eating so many carbs to get rid of nausea..and I really need veg.... I now hate the smell of salad leaves and fish...which would have been my favourite dinner...and I've gone from being the healthiest eater to the most unhealthy...I even ate chips in the middle of the day yesterday...I don't even eat chips.... Any good tips out there so I can get my veg intake
Crostini Posts: 1105
do carbs get rid of the nausea? hadn't heard that before!! just eat what you can keep down! i was the exact same. 8 week scan was sooooo cool, seeing the heart beat away but i was so sick at that stage it was hard to enjoy it!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
aw that's great dita, it's so amazing to see your little bean for the first time :lvs I have to say I was the same as you when I was suffering from nausea, all that seemed to help me was carbs & generally crap! Since last week though I've finally got back to normal & I'm now eating all my usual fruit & veg & fish whereas for the last 6 weeks I couldnt look at veg/fruit, anything healthy basically! Everyone's different I suppose. One of the lads here in work his wife is pregnant & all she wanted to eat in the first few months was fruit the lucky thing! Couldnt get enough of it!
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
how exciting dita, I can not wait to see our little bub. Not for another 5 weeks yet :o)ll
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I'm not great with veg ... but I have been eating plenty of fruit ... home made smoothies are great for an instant boost in your 5-a-day. I was the same in the early part of pregnancy, all I wanted was carbs. Could survive on cereal, sandwiches and oven chips/savory rice as my meal plan for the day! :o0