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Windaleen Posts: 118
Finally went back to WW tonight. NOT a happy camper! >:o( But it had to be done. :-8 Have any of you been recently and how do you find the new discovery programme? It seems to be the same as before! :hic
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Hey there...look at our tickers you are getting married the day before me :o)ll Yeah I am at ww at the mo...started in Feb wanted to give myself plenty of time as I have 4 stone to lose..well 2 of them are gone now so I am halfway there...I actually like the discovery plan...last time I joined it was the core plan or the points... :wv
Windaleen Posts: 118
Thats gas. Cos I have about 25lb to lose to get to goal weight too. O:o) Fair play to you getting all that weight off you. You must feel fantastic already! :thnk I had to join up. I was just getting bigger and bigger and my motivation has really dipped as the weight has gone on! So the heavier i got the lower my motivation has become. :o( This time next year we'll be married skinny malinks - wuhoo!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Well done for going back. I had lost 2 and a half stone and then put on a a few pound as i had lost all motivation. Went AWOL for 16 weeks (due to lack of money and motivation) and put on 10 lbs and just had to go back. Money or no money ww had gotta stay for me so I joined last week and lost 5 lbs in my first week (with 2 meals out and a party) am so so so happy :o)ll :o)ll Hopefully now this will give me the kick I need. I find the discovery grand as it is basically the points plan from before just encouraging you more to eat healthier food. It really is only different if you used to do the core which I didn't.
oddwire Posts: 842
I went back today as well (after having baby). I've done it before and think it's great to get me back into healthy eating routines. No more sitting down in the evening and hoovering up a packet of biscuits (or two... :-8 ). Best of luck to all!
Cara09 Posts: 10
Gonna jump on the train too girls.....went back to WW today and was so upset when I saw the weight I had put on but hey start in the morning.......aiming for a good 1.5-2 stone weight loss!!! Good luck all :o0
Windaleen Posts: 118
Oh it's so hard..... I keep thinking about food constantly! For example, I was eating my dinner tonight but thinking about what to have for my breakfast in the morning. O:| BUT...I've stuck to my points since Tuesday ( :o0 ) And I'm not breaking it till the first stone is gone! Hurry up stone and be gone.....hahahaha
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
hi girls im back to WW this tuesday actually looking forward to it to be honest was doing it by myself for a while and lost 2 stone but since the wedding all good intentions are gone out the window :-8 how is everyone getting on so far :wv