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bride20091 Posts: 140
Hey I am expecting twins in June this year and was having a chat yesterday with friends and they told me that it is definately in my file somewhere what I am having (I was leaving it as a surprise!!) so I stupidly went looking, more to prove them wrong than anything but I think I found out!!!! It was on my scan reports!!! My dh has said he doesn't want to find out so should I just try say nothing to nobody or I guess there is a possibility I am wrong, wasn't written in plain English, is this info def in our file that we take home?? Thanks in advance xx
jarashow Posts: 3083
Maybe it's something they do with twins but I don't think it's in our general files. I couldn't see anything last time round anyways in mine. If you do know I would try and keep it a secret from hubbie.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Do you mind me asking what it said?
pudlow Posts: 343
I'd like to know what it said too, i was due last week and no sign of the little one appearing yet - and i'm dying to know what it is.
Santa Posts: 1191
but you don't know for sure so maybe u can just 4get al about it if u'd prefer though we're having a debate about this currently v.tempting :-8
bride20091 Posts: 140
I'm not going to say just incase anyone recognises me!!! Apparently it is in every file, single pregnancy or twins, the girl who told me had a little boy 3 years ago and she said it was on hers, her argument was sure the doctor would need to know!!! Ye I am not 100% so think I am going to try forget about it........ Very hard!!
MeSB Posts: 3785
MeSB Posts: 3785
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Can you pm and let me know what to look for as i really really want to know what im having. i am going to ask at my next scan. i havent had my 20 week scan yet so would it be on my file?
Piggle Posts: 1770
I know what I am having and I didnt see anything on my notes, i've scanned through them there! My friend said she had two days to go and she was being scanned, she looked up at the screen and it said "Female" she asked why it said that and the nurse said "Oh that's your sex" and she was like "well every person being scanned would be female?" the nurse went purple!