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anonymous report Posts: 67
Married less than a month and we had decided to wait for a year or two to get pregnant. Simply cos we want to spend some nice time together in our lovely new home. Also, cos little ones cost so much and its just after our wedding and honeymoon, the cash isnt exactly flowing! Now everyone is asking me when we're having babies. (which is annoying me) I [i:pbg22hqj]think[/i:pbg22hqj] I might want a baby NOW.I dunno if its cos everyone else thinks I should have one, or if I truly [i:pbg22hqj]want[/i:pbg22hqj] one. Problem is, DH doesnt want one right now-he hasnt said as much, but I know that we're not in the best financial situation to allow me to give up work and care for a child. Something we both want. Havent had a proper discussion with DH about it since the wedding, as I cant decide myself if I want a baby for the righ reasons. I dont want to get pregnant if this is truly not what we both want. Sorry, must seem so trivial to you, but it's playing on my mind. I was dreaming of babies last night :-8
Sugababe Posts: 130
We are the same in that we are nearly married 2 months and originally wanted to wait maybe a year at max before trying for a baby. But now we both want one NOW!! So we are going to start trying in September hopefully. I was so surprised though that we changed our minds so quickly,have to say though that it feels right. So please god we might have a BFP before xmas :lvs
anonymous report Posts: 67
That is so great for you Sugababe. The very best of luck!!
Sugababe Posts: 130
Thanks a mill Maybe have a proper chat to DH about it and see exactly how you both feel and what you both want? Best of luck :wv
Mrs Big Posts: 919
I think after getting married especially after the build up and excitement it can be a little hard to adjust to married life...... well I found that anyway. To be honest I felt a bit empty after it cause I had so much more time on my hands. I found myself considering a baby too when i never even wanted them before and if I am to be honest it is still on my mind a year on. My DH is not ready for that and that is ok with me cause it will only be right when we both really want it. Basically take your time with any decision you make if you are unsure. From my own experience take time to settle into married life first and allow time for yourself. Give the finances time to work out cause you dont want any unnecessary stress or pressure if you decide to have a baby. I think you should talk to your DH and just let him know what you are feeling. Bottling things up never help any situation.
Idina Posts: 1289
I waited for two years after getting married and I'm delighted I did. It was nice just to be married with nothing to think of for a while but ourselves. Saying that I know plenty of people who tried immediately and are very happy about it
mrs celtickitten Posts: 877
i felt exactly the same way after we got married and really wanted ot have a baby but DH wanted to wait. Since then I have had a new godson and have offered to baby sit him lots over weekends etc. To be honest I had forgotten just how hard looking after baby really was and it made me realise just how much i should enjoy my free time with hubby for the next couple of years. I think lifestyle, age and finances all need to be considered and the impact that baby will have on these. I also agree that unless both of you are geared up for it then you should wait a little longer. Hope that helps somewhat. I know it's hard because i went through all of this a few months back. I ended up getting two puppies instead and they are our world at the moment. Babies were soon forgotten after they arrived. mrs c