I think I might be pregnant.....

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Sheesh Posts: 1129
Hi all, I was due my period on Saturday and it still hasnt come. I did 2 tests on Sunday and they were negative. I also did one this morning and that was negative. The reason I think I might be pregnant is that my boobs are very tender,I was getting stabbing pains in my left side yesterday,my back was very sore, and also, (and this might not be associated AT ALL!) I have been getting these little jumps on my stomach (like trapped nerves). Is it possible to be pregnant and still not get a positive 3 days after period is due? I would love some help, I'm tearing my hair out!!! Mary. :o)ll
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i would hazard a guess and say that i don't think so but it might depend on the sensitivity of the tests you are using - have you tried the ones designed to tell you early on, first response i think they are called? maybe TTC would have better advice for you. otherwise doctor might be the next best place. hope you find out soon xxx
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Mary my sister got a BFN three days after AF was due and she was pregnant, it all depends on the test and the levels of hormones. try not to stress and drink the pineapple juice. Get a FR test and good luck.
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Oh and try not to read too much into your back pain etc, that will drive you nuts. The only sure thing that you know is that your AF has not arrived and no sign is a good sign.
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Hi, just wanted to give an update!! I hadnt received my af since the first post here!I have done so many tests and all negative!I did get a 'kinda' af on Sunday night, it was like it would be if it was the last day of my af, very light. It was gone by Monday night, and came back again yesterday (Wednesday) morning. It was gone again last night,I'm soo confused!!I have gained weight around my belly, its huge!!Im thinking I might have polycystic ovaries or something, and am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if he can sort it. I have been waiting since January for af to come and nothing of significance, even though I thought it was coming so many times!!!ARGHHHH!!Thanks for reading, just wanted to give an update!!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Hi hope you get some answers from your doc. Good luck :wv :wv