I think I owe h2b an apology

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Delish Posts: 4176
Ok, this is going to sound ridiculous but here goes; Last night we didn't get to bed until late, I ended up watching the end of war of the roses and it went on until after one, h2b was reading. I really, really, really hate being cold, h2b goes around in t-shirts for alot of the year. Anyway he was driving me a bit nuts last night as every now and again he would make jerky movements in bed and disrupt all the bed clothes and make the bed cold. I said nothing. Then there was the odd comment - Oh she's a bit mad isn't she (the wife in war of the roses), just a little jokey comment but if any of you know the movie, it's about a divorcing couple that destroy their whole house and eventually both die in a bid to outdo the other. So I said they are both a bid mad and it went on like that. Eventually the movie was over and telly was turned off and then bed side light was turned off. I was trying to drop hints about being cold ( ie stop disrupting the bed clothes), oh will you get me new pj's for xmas etc. Nothing was sinking in. So I said very crossly I am freezing will you ever stop moving around the bed....huff...huff...huff. H2b was moving around in the middle of the bed meaning I was shoved over on my side of the bed. Then he decided to fall asleep in the middle of the bed, on his side facing me, so I could feel his cold breath on my face (silent aarrrggghhhh on my part) this carried on, I tried to push him back over to his side of the bed, no joy, then a few minuted later he jumped in his sleep and this frightened the bajasus out of me. So I said really crossly and loudly at him 'WILL YOU EVER GET OVER TO YOUR SIDE OF THE BED AND STOP BREATHING ON ME' he moved about an inch and carried on sleeping on his side but closed his mouth, BUT the cold air was still coming out of his nostrels, so I leaned over and breathed really heavily on his face ( i know this is where I started loosing it a bit :-8 ). He woke up and was like Delish have you gone fvcking mad or what? So then I really let loose and shouted at him 'it was the same night in and night out, him breathing on me and constantly making the bed cold, and get OVER on to his own side of the bed!!!!!!! >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( . So then he said I was gone f ing mad and he turned his back on me and slept on his side of the bed. I didn't hear him leave this morning. I think it was all an over reaction, but I feel quite upset about it all now, and to make me feel even guiltier I think because the bed wasn't made last night alot of the covers were on my side (but all he had to do was pull the covers over so they were even and then stop messing with the flipping bed). Sorry I know this is ridiculous, but we never fight and I hate when he uses bad language at me. It's all stupid I know, but how much in the wrong do you think I am, Should I call now and clear the air?
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Sorry to laugh delish, but this is exactly the kind of thing I'd do too!!! I think you may have overreacted a teensy bit, especially since if he was actually half asleep he probably wasn't really hearing what you were saying!! My dh is exactly the same as yours, would sit in the house in a t shirt with no heat on without a bother, and regularly makes me feel guilty for actually using the oil (God forbid). And he never makes the bed bnefore getting inot it so its always a mess. I wouldn't worry too much about it, he probably hasn't even thought of it again, while you're sitting stressing out over it! If its really annoying you then give him a call or send him a jokey text saying you'll have to buy thermal undies if he's gonna keep stealing the bedclothes!!
NowGone Posts: 8042
Ah it's one of those silly fights couiples have all the time....I've been known to punch Token in the face for snoring (when pretty much asleep). Send him an email with a picture of a muffler or something appropriate and funny and leave it at that. Buy an electric blanket/fluffy hot water bottle cover. Problem solved.
YumYum Posts: 482
Hi Delish, Try not to worry about it, he was probably tired also. Give him a wee buzz and tell him it was a bit of an over reaction and that you were exhausted and just couldn't get to sleep. Don't be worrying too much about it pet, it's probably not as big as you think it is. [quote:3omd7wmz]so I leaned over and breathed really heavily on his face ( i know this is where I started loosing it a bit ). [/quote:3omd7wmz] Sorry but I had a wee giggle at this :o0 :o0 :o0
agie Posts: 1107
Oh my god Delish was there a full moon last night or is it just the start of the silly season.I thought that was very funny and I know exactly how you feel! My DH went to another Xmas party last night came in woke me up to tell me he brought me home supermacs (at 4am) got into bed and snored all night while breathing alcohol fumes at me. I cant really sleep well beside him anymore he tosses and turns and Im afraid ill get an elbow or leg in the stomach!
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Delish, Your story sounded so familiar you had my laughing out loud. Im such a cow to poor old DH in bed, he gets shoved up into a corner and is not allowed out so that I can sprawl out. He calls me “queen of the bed” due to my ability to hog the whole bed. If he snores he gets his feet tickled or Vicks vapor rub under his nose, which works a treat I might add. He wakes up some mornings and says “were you abusing me in my sleep again” Don’t worry about it im sure he hasn’t taken offence, just blame the hormones.
pluto Posts: 3893
Oh Delish, I'm sorry, I was skitting reading your post. It sounds like a normal night in my house at this stage! :-8 When DH moves in the bed he bounces as if he's on a trampoline and I nearly end up being bounced out of the bed. It freaks me out so much, and I wake most mornings with him saying I was killing him during the night for snoring/moving/breathing/being there....and most of the time I can't even remember :-8 Just laugh it off today, and say to him you probably are going a bit mad....(coz you are >:o) )...but add in that you do kind of need your space at the moment when you're sleeping and the slightest thing wakes you, so if he could try and remember that. But make light of it, coz as the time goes on it will probably start bugging you even more. I reckon in a couple of months times, spare rooms will come in VERY handy!! :o0
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
God another one here :-8 , we had the same argument last night, I just HATE when he’s in the bed with me now (before I couldn’t sleep without him) but I am TERRIFED I am going to get a elbow in the belly….wouldn’t mind we have a “king” size bed and there’s loads of room!!! I HATE when he breaths on me and last night after dinner he had a couple of bottles of Miller so by the time he got to bed he was snoring like a MAD MAN! I was awake for most of the night and at about 3 I kicked him (cause his snoring was driving me MAD) but he woke in a start as I nearly frightened the life outa him! Some nights I lie in bed crying cause he’s annoying me SOOO much…I swear our spare room never got so much use in it’s life! So don’t worry EVERY pregnant women is like this! :o0
justwaitin Posts: 2462
oh thats very funny, i get a bit carried away too over 'sides' of the bed, i think an apology would be a good idea, and get an electric blanket there great and a few warmer pjs and fluffy socks.
sinion Posts: 6050
[quote="Madgie":361nlj89] snoring/moving/breathing/[b:361nlj89]being there[/b:361nlj89]...[/quote:361nlj89] :o0