I think Ive made a big mistake

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201108 Posts: 196
Hi all! I bought my dreee the other day and now I am so worried that I don't like it! H2B said e would love if I wore a white / ivory dress but I just could not fnd one I liked. I had narrowed my search down to 3 dresses but just went and bought this one the other day. I really dont know what to do! http://images.maggiesottero.com/styles/ ... A/A544.jpg
jmeath Posts: 5740
I honestly think its fab..............i love that style
201108 Posts: 196
http://images.maggiesottero.com/styles/ ... A/A544.jpg http://images.maggiesottero.com/styles/ ... A/A544.jpg Maybe these links will work better
jmeath Posts: 5740
Definatley love it so i do!!!
milis Posts: 7998
[img:2de11t5o]http://images.maggiesottero.com/styles/389_x_529_front/A/A544.jpg[/img:2de11t5o] [img:2de11t5o]http://images.maggiesottero.com/styles/389_x_529_back/A/A544.jpg[/img:2de11t5o] It's fab :eek Let me know if you want me to take the pictures down!!!
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Firstly calm down and take a deep breath! The dress is gorgeous Magie Sottero dress are really flattering and elegant. why dont you go back to the shop and try the dress on again to give yourself peace of mind and bring someone along who you trust to be honest and who most likely will help reassure you that you havent made a mistake What is it that you are unsure about, did you feel you just rushed into it? honestly go back and try it on again and try calm yourself beforehand, and go in with 'possitive thoughts' Things have a way of working themselves out so you more than likely have made the right choice with the dress, i think most brides worry after they make the decision
short n sweet Posts: 1802
201108 don't worry - The dress is beautiful - I wore a Maggie dress they are so well made and flatter you completely - I think you are a little worried because H2B had mentioned white/ivory but believe me when he sees you on the day he will be blown away regardless of what colour your dress is. Best of Luck
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
no way i think the dress is STUNNING! u will look fab in it
bridesrus Posts: 917
The dress is lovely and remember u choose the dress becasue of the way u felt in it -unless hubby wants to wear it I wouldn't worry about it :o0 O-O Bxx
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
Oh wow - it's STUNNING!!! I had a blush colour Maggie - and my hubby loved it. I wouldn't worry about the white/ivory comment - he's a guy - he'll think that dress is ivory :o0 It's a stunning dress, and you'll look amazing in it - Maggie dresses make you feel fantastic - you won't want to take it off!