I thought baby blues happened after birth...

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Delphinium Posts: 3027
... so why am I sitting here bawling my eyes out since I woke up this morning?? :o( I'm feeling really low this morning and since last night. I just feel like everything is getting on top of me. I've also woken with my ankles swollen for the first time - they normally go down overnight and my carpal tunnel syndrome is worse than normal as well. I was only with the consultant on Thursday so I know my BP is OK so the rational part of me is saying that everything is still OK. However the irrational part of me seems to be shouting louder this morning!! It's got me worried and anxious all of a sudden. I've got visitors coming next week and I really don't feel I can cope with them... and they're not people I can really cancel. Is this in anyway normal at this stage of pregnancy because I just feel like a vulnerable mess this morning and the tears won't stop.....
Mogster Posts: 74
The short answer Delphinium is yes, it's normal :action31 I'm 39 weeks and I was like you a few weeks ago. Everything just really really annoyed and upset me. I actually felt like everyone was doing it on purpose and not taking me seriously. I was stressed at work and at home and with OH and friends and just basically miserable. I don't know what else to say to you without sounding patronising because everyone who told me it was hormones I wanted to punch them straight in the nose, hard enough to draw blood! But believe me girl, it really is hormones, you will come out the other side, you will stop crying, you will start to feel like the sun is shining and you'll start looking forward to what's ahead of you. So go with it for today, tell your OH how you're feeling, tell him not to laugh or you'll punch him and try and get out for a little walk today or do something as a treat. I really hope you feel better soon because it's a horrible way to feel :action31
sunny1 Posts: 995
Delphinium sorry you're feeling down Ive had few days like that especially in last few weeks. It can hit me out of the blue, often when Im overly tired and I just burst into tears. I usually have no definite reason for being upset at the time, just a mix of different things come into my head and I'm gone. My poor dh doesnt know what to do with me sometimes when I burst into tears. All I want from him is a hug. :xox Thankfully this low feeling doesnt seem to be there all the time. I usually have a great day following the tears. I think it's definitely normal to and I blame the hormones. Hope you feel better soon xx
vitamin1 Posts: 565
Hi Delph, Your hormornes are all out of sync,You really Have no control of them is there anychance you could take some time to yourself before your visitors maybe if funds allow get a facial, or better yet a paffafin manicure or pedicure it will help the ct & fluid retention, my friend had the same at end of her pregnancy . maybe set yourself a little plan for the next few days we all know what its like when people are coming it can be overwhelming esp when pregnant, get a notebook jot a few things down that you need to do and tick them off as you go or better yet get himself to do them. For today go get a soppy movie choccy muffin and a cuppa tea and let yourself have a good cry. big hugs.vit
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Thanks girls, you just made me cry again by being nice to me!! But I just really needed to hear that. I feel like I have so much running round my head this morning and I can't settle it. I have to admit to being a bit annoyed with DH as well as he was out with work last night and came home reeking in the wee hours....... he's still snoring his head off up there. The rational part of the head is saying he may as well enjoy it now because he'll not be doing it again....... the less rational part is angry that he left me on my own (and slightly jealous!) and what if anything had happened last night/this morning and he wasn't fit to drive me etc...... Thanks again. :thnk I figured it was probably hormonal. I just needed to hear it from someone else. And I'll just have to monitor the swelling and how I'm feeling and will call the hospital next week if it continues.
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I was the EXACT same at 32 weeks! It was as if I hit a wall or something. I think with me it was the stage where the pregnancy started to feel really long and you are at that stage where you may begin to feel a bit more uncomfortable. But it passes. I think i got through it by trying to concentrate on the count down to finishing work. Also by trying to concentrate on the exciting times ahead! In relation to the visitors I would consider cancelling if at all possible. In the last few months of the pregnancy you will be tired - especially if you are working. Time off is precious and it makes it a lot more difficult if you are too busy during this time off.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Delphinium I could have written that post this morning. Feel like a big steaming turd :o( I hope you're feeling a little better in yourself now :action32
twinkle30 Posts: 155
hi delphinium, hope the tears have dried up and you are feeling a little better. so sorry you feel so down, isnt pregnancy such a pain in the back side sometimes!! and MEN have no clue, think you are being a "baby" as i was accused of this morning.... >:o( i am not a teary person normally and would count myself a bit of a "tough nut" but have found the tears coming a lot more recently... in fact three times this week.... once, to my total mortification, in work with a client who has terrible family troubles and let me tell you i have NEVER cried in front of a client EVER no matter how awful the circumstances, this is how bad things are at the moment. im nearly 32 weeks too so maybe there is something about this particular time in pregnancy. hope you are being nice to yourself this evening and taking it easy. you know a few days rest and being nice to yourself and having a good bawl when you need it, you could be half looking forward to your guests coming.... :xox
La La Land Posts: 226
Delphinium I hear you - to my complete mortification I broke down in my Gp's 2 weeks ago. I'm still so embarrassed about it and dread when I have to go back to her again. :-8 It's interesting what some of the others have said about being 32 weeks because I was 32wks when this happened too! I think with me I was just completely stressed out, work was manic and no matter how I was trying to get on top of it, it just kept coming. I'm wrecked looking after DD, plus I'm still not sleeping more than 4 hours a night with carpal tunnel too - I'm so fed up. Anyway I finished up work last week and I'm definitely calmer and more rational since - I'm still tired but I can deal with it better IFYKWIM? Could you take a day's leave maybe or even a sick day just to spoil yourself?
HappyMe Posts: 727
Delphanium - yes, its totally normal to have up and down days. Your're coming really close now and bound to be feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. If it continues for more than a few days though mention it to the hospital at your next apt. I got pre-natal anxiety on my first pregnancy and the hospital got me to see their counsellor and it was a godsend - didn't develop pnd or anything after but I'm convinced it was the counselling before the birth that prevented that.