i've gained too much too soon..

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aperature Posts: 280
Girls, I weighed myself this morning for the first time since before i found out i was pregnant. and ive gained exactly TWO STONE. im disgusted, i cant believe it. im just 17 weeks.....the doctor is going to go crazy on my next visit if he weighs me.... any advice, its not like i can go on a diet can i?
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi aperature, everyone is different really... What size were you to begin with, would you have been quite thin? If so they say thinner women tend to gain more weight during pregnancy. Has your diet changed much since you got pregnant? To be honest I wouldnt worry too much as long as you're eating healthy foods & babs is healthy.
Isy Posts: 89
Hi aperature If you are slim before you got pregnant, you will put on more weight early on and quickly as your body needs it. I gained 5lbs in 2 weeks recently and I was eating good. I wouldn't diet, its not healthy for you or the baby. If you have been eating a lot of junk, I would cut back on these and eat healthy. You will probably notice that as the weeks progress you won't gain weight some weeks and others you will.
aperature Posts: 280
thanks girls, i wasnt thin to begin with, i wish i was though! i was a slim size 14. im tall, about 5"9. i have been eating loads in the past two months, hungry all the time. but if im honest i was probably using that as an excuse to eat too many takeaways and chocolate. thats the end of that now! hopefully if i cut out the junk, i might be able to control the gaining for the next few weeks! ive just had no energy since becoming pregnany, the tiredness hasnt left me yet...and constant headaches... when am i going to start this 'blooming' phase ive heard so much about?!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
aperature the chocolate & the takeaways could be contributing to the tiredness & headaches. I'd say if you just got into cooking nice healthy meals from scratch & eating lots of fruit (easier said than done I know!) I love making stirfrys with loads of veg & chicken & a nice sauce & some brown rice. You dont have to cook fancy meals, just something easy but include lots of veg :-8 You will probably start to feel yourself getting more energy then & the headaches should ease off. You can still have takeaway maybe limit it to once a week :wv
aperature Posts: 280
yes i think im going to have to do that...starting tonight with veggie stir fry. and going to start snacking on fruit during the day instead of sugary things. thanks for all the advice girls.just got a shock this morning when i stood on the scales and really dont want to be that girl who gets a telling off from the doctor!
jill80 Posts: 565
Oh, make sure take some pregnancy supplements to help with tiredness. I find the sanatogen ones very good.
LMR Posts: 1925
You cannot diet, but you can be careful what you eat. Try and avoid sugars and junk food as the weight form that will be harder to shift than the baby weight iykwim. Also try not to worry about it, I gained a significant amount quite quickly but levelled off. Or it could be water weight. Eat sensibly but make sure you are still getting all you need, just modify what you've been eating.
babybuttons Posts: 886
try not to worry about weight gain. i was the same as u had put up 2 stone at around 20 weeks but i seem to have stayed at that for weeks until this week :eek my doctor has never weighted me and unless you are getting really big they wont say anything to you.
Nadie Posts: 1111
I second what the others say about eating healthy - try and have proper home made food and cut out the junk. Obviously you can still have treats but not every day. One thing I'm finding is it's hard to eat fruit because it's hard on my stomach so I buy litre cartons of Innocent smoothies - really good for you and an easy way to get 2 bit of fruit in.