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AliceCullen Posts: 1408
>:o( >:o( >:o( Just to get it all out there and not be so annoyed by stupid ignorant people who think they're having a joke but end up seriously offending people. And then they say "It's only a joke cop on to yourself a small bit" MEN O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| Why can't they just be a little nicer when we need it? Hubby knows I'm a bit worried & yes I may be a little hormonal and slightly oversensitive today but there's no need to be an insensative git >:o( Home to bed early and alone for me (hubby's on nights) and then off to the doc tomorrow :o(
Twirl Posts: 5598
Hope you are ok? Go and get yourself a magazine and some chocolate on the way home :action32 Best of luck tomorrow in the doctors.