Ibs any remedies ?

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fxfor3 Posts: 2347
I'm suffering really badly this weekend with ibs, last night the pains were really bad and I was so uncomfortable, am just wondering if there is anything I can take? Is colpermin ok to take in prgnancy ? Or is there anything else I can do to relieve it ?
curlysuebride Posts: 2
Can sympathise!I didn't take anything but have prunes, apricots and berries in my cereal, up my water intake which I add cranberry juice or pineapple juice to and try to go for a walk. This has def helped me. Have had a few unpleasant days. Also I stay away from white bread and try to eat plenty of salad. I was def worse at beginning of preg, think its d famous hormones. Sorry am not a huge amt of help but its working for me!
maybebaby2013 Posts: 79
I have no IBS experience but I think Peppermint tea is suppose to help and as far as I know it is ok in moderation in pregnancy but do double check.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Thanks girls, think I'll,start having a cup of peppermint tea everyday it might help ! Thankfully today it's much better !
blathanna Posts: 116
Hi fx I too have had a few really bad flare ups since getting pregnant, crying with the cramps it was so bad.. It has happened after eating things I have always eaten like which is a disaster so I never no what is the trigger. I have been drinking lots of water and sticking to plain food as much as possible .. Its a nightmare tho I feel your pain . Happens too when I go to bed so I dont get that part, must be the lying down or something O:| O:| O:| O:| Tried the peppermint tea it did help a bit..
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Thanks blathanna , yea that's what got me too I hadn't eaten any trigger foods have been drinking loads of water having porridge for breakie salad for lunch etc I guess I've gotten away with it for 22 weeks hopefully there won't be too many more flare ups