IBS - Suffering BIG Time :-(

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Nostress Posts: 1606
Over the past couple of weeks I have had a really bad dose of ibs. I have managed to put on 13lbs in the past 2 weeks :o( any other suffers out there with tips for me? I have so far - moved to decaf tea, started drinking more water, doing some yoga stretches but I still feel like I might burst O:| Any tips would be greatly appreciated at this stage I just want to go to bed until it settles down. :wv
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
I feel for you, I have had it this past week. Yesterday was the worse but thank god not to bad today. Heat helped me. A hot water bottle on the site of pain and running to the toilet of course.
FrenchToast Posts: 433
I feel your pain Nostress! I have had IBS for years had a really bad year up until a few months ago. I have also got GERD unfortunately and they were making my life a living hell! Plus I've got from a size 8 to 10-12..................starting to change that now thankfully! What has worked for me is. Totally gave up Cafeffine Stopped Smoking Cut out 99% of dairy produce Very little starching foods, potatoes, white pasta, white rice etc. Everything whole grain I cut down on alcohol, I def notice when i drink more now Try to stay away from any fatty foods From going to a Specialist and getting every test under the sun done. I have no on 100mg of Nexium daily for GERD, i tried every homoepath remedy first but nothing would give me any relief. Thankfully this does. Though if have to take it regligiously or the symptons are back as normal. Then I was put on 20mg of Amitriptyline daily for the IBS. There has been studies to show that IBS is caused by the over sensitivness of the intestine system. So this works as an antidepressant, which will calm the nerves. For depression the dose would be 80mg+ so it is a very low dose. Studies have shown it is the most effective way of treating IBS. I have to say I've noticed a real difference since I started taking it. It takes a few months to take effect so its not a quick fix. I find excerise really helps. Also when things are bad, stay away from any foods which produce gas. I know that feeling of bursting and it's so uncomfortable. The yoga position of downward dog is a great position for some relief. Don't laugh but it really helps. It can be so frustrating trying to explain to people how unwell it can make you feel. It's like people don't look on it as a real illness. Really hope you get some relief and comfort soon :action31
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
for me its all about avoiding processed food . There are two big things for me , MSG and whatever gets sprayed on prepared prechopped salads and vegetables to keep them okay in the bag/box . So basically I just have to avoid pre prepared type things and just eat hot food if I go out . I know straight away if I'd had a trigger . Can you work out what yours are ? Its different for everyone , I could have all the coffee , pasta and dairy in the world but If I touched spinach, or had a salad from a sandwich bar I would practically die, but if I made the exact same salad at home I'd be fine .So I have no answers for you except that you'll have to work out what YOUR black list is and take it from there .
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Already great advise from the other ladies. I've never been diagnosed with IBS but I know it's what I get. I put some of it down to having the mirena coil in so I changed to the copper coil 3-4 weeks ago and already I notice a positive difference. For me, I've stopped eating white rice/pasta. I eat brown rice and gluten free pasta. Yeast would be a big trigger also so I don't eat yeasty breads, naan bread etc. As the other girls said, processed foods would be a trigger also so I avoid them. I eat alot of green veg, fish and chicken. My weight went up after having m 2 kids and I'm still struggling to lose it. Then my IBS symptoms got worse 2 years ago also. Eating better obviously helps my weight loss also. For me also, sleep deprivation triggers it. If one of the kids wakes alot during the night, I get stressed/am jumping out of bed multiple times and this really really sets my tummy off. I can feel it starting to cramp. Stress is a bit factor for IBS. Exercise is key also. If I do have a bad crampy day and I take my tablets (colpermin over the counter and then I got colofac/buscapan on prescription), going to the gym helps alot and the minute I stop exercising, the cramps come back. I suffer with constipation alot with it so all the above help with this also. It's crippling. On a bad day, all I can do is leave work, go home, put on my tracksuit bottoms, take my tablets and go to bed and sleep. Hope you find some solutions that work for you :wv
Nostress Posts: 1606
Thanks girls :thnk I know for a fact apples are a trigger for me so I haven't had one in months. [quote:1ac1squt]Totally gave up Cafeffine Stopped Smoking Cut out 99% of dairy produce Very little starching foods, potatoes, white pasta, white rice etc. Everything whole grain I cut down on alcohol, I def notice when i drink more now Try to stay away from any fatty foods[/quote:1ac1squt] I started the decaf last week Stopped smoking 6 months ago The only dairy I eat is cheese and yogurt and I find if I don't have my yogurt every day I am worse. Haven't had white pasta etc in weeks and actually while on honeymoon in Italy I was eating one of these everyday and was fine O:| I never eat processed meals, I always cook from scratch but still I am in agony. I think drastic, horrible measures are going to have to be taken. Stop drinking alcohol :eek I started the colpermin last night so hopefully today will be a little better. It really frustrating that it can be so bad but it's not something I would be able to go home for. I am not sure work would see it as an actual illness and therefore you should work through it.
B2BCork Posts: 26
To get back to normal try to eat the same things every day for a few days. Brisk walking or better still running will really help you. Try two whole oranges a day, a few days in and you'll feel the difference. Unground linseeds in your cereal. 200mg peppermint (Holland & Barrett or a chemist) capsules. Stronger than colpermin. Flaxseed oil is good too but pretty vile to get down. Plenty water and plenty sleep. I find a steady routine really helps (food/sleep) Boring I know, *sigh* slave to the stomach :action34 Hope it helps
newshound Posts: 288
I suffer from IBS and colitis. And I like bad food! I've learnt to cut that out (as much as is possible) and exercise like the clappers. Exercise really works. I've found when the IBS really hits and the cramps are so bad that I could be in labour, that exercise is the only thing to relieve them. And since I began running, I haven't had an attack since. Downward facing dog has already been suggested, and it really does work. Good breathing also helps cope with the pain, and I find if I visualise my bowels unknotting and relaxing as I breathe also helps, crazy as it sounds. IBS is such a personal condition and affects everyone differently, but exercise is agreed upon by all I know as a great way to deal with it. I'd also get checked for conditions like Crohns and Colitis. Once colitis was discovered I was put on a course of meds and it cleared up the bowels within a week. TMI I know!
Nostress Posts: 1606
Thanks again for the replies.... everything has thankfully calmed down. I know what you are saying about running and I do run, but when I have full blown dose I can think of nothing worse. I can barely walk with the discomfort and pain No that it has eased the running is back so hopefully it will keep it at bay
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I find a gluten and dairy free diet really helps me, if you cant give up you're dairy buy the lacto free range it tastes the same. Apples kill me too :o(