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bizgunne Posts: 42
Hi girls, Just trying to decide which pram to buy at the moment. I'm torn between the icandy cherry and the Mamas and papas pilko pramette. I've read loads of reviews on the pramette and it seems like a good choice but just wondering if any of you have gone for the icandy cherry?? Would love to hear some feedback on it... I had a look at it in Tony Kealys yesterday and it's really light and comes with a carry cot and then converts to a buggy when babs is bigger... It's so confusing trying to decide which one to buy O:| [url=] [img:14ehrz1z];18;11/st/20071212/dt/5/k/7b44/preg.png[/img:14ehrz1z] [/url] [url=] [img:14ehrz1z];42;95/st/20080524/e/The+Big+Day/dt/5/k/b392/event.png[/img:14ehrz1z] [/url]
ginger nut Posts: 5989
we got the icandy apple and love it - it's really light - easy to collapse and put up and really easy to manoeuvre. i found the Mamas and papas pliko too heavy for me and awkward to collapse and put back up. the only thing about the icandy is you have to buy a car seat separately (we got the maxicosi which i really like)
charli Posts: 5994
i have the M&P and while its gorgeous i would have opted for an icandy this time i am going to use my M&P as its still mint from DD1 but in hindsight the icandy would have suited me better - the other was really heavy getting it in andout of the boot depends on your needs but i think if you are driving alot and poppin in and out of shops where you want the pram it is a chore lifting it in and out
justwaitin Posts: 2462
im going to go with i candy, i lookked at this as well when deciding on prams, i think a proper pram is best for this time of year, i like the look of a proper pram too.
primrose Posts: 291
hi bizgunne i am going looking for travel systems at the weekend. i saw the pilko pramette in the window of a shop but havent been in yet. can you tell me the cost of the pilko and the icandy if you get a chance please cheers primrose
bizgunne Posts: 42
hi primrose, the icandy cherry is €450 euro and the pramette is €480. You would have to buy a car seat seperately with both HTH :wv [url=] [img:37egky2v];18;11/st/20071212/dt/5/k/7b44/preg.png[/img:37egky2v] [/url] [url=] [img:37egky2v];42;95/st/20080524/e/The+Big+Day/dt/5/k/b392/event.png[/img:37egky2v] [/url]
primrose Posts: 291
thanks bizgunne!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hello... we have the iCandy Cherry. I found it great to be honest, as we used the pram as his bed for the first while. It's very light, easy to put up and down etc. It's got a big basket underneath too. A lot depends on how you plan on using it though, and where you live (city or country) it's very much a city pram, not much suspension for these west cork roads :o0
New Mum Posts: 113
I love my iCandy Cherry. It's light, has a great basket, and is very easy to steer (easily reverses and goes sideways). Plus I think that it's so dinky looking. Got it in Eurobaby in Walkinstown for €415 (cheaper than Tony Kealy's).
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I got the i candy cherry have only tested it with my neice in it as baby is brewing still!! I love it got it for 370 euro in Murphys!!!! Both the pram and buggy part way cheaper than those other qoutes