I bought an Icandy Peach second hand, so I got the chassis, the stoller and the carrycot, and also the maxi cosi adaptors. I'm just wondering however, what is the maxi cosi seat that is compatable with this - is it just the cabrioix or is the pepple compatible also - i've checked the website and it doesn't specify. Also on the isofix bases to go with the maxi cosi, I asked in one shop and they said that the cabriofix could be used with the familyfix base, but on the maxi cosi website it says it's not - i was going to go with the familyfix base as this can be used with the next seat up, but if i can't use it with the cabriofix, and if it;s only the cabriofix can be used with the peach then there's not any point. Sorry for the rambling, just wondering if anyone with an Icandy could shed any light on the subject. Thanks.