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Persephone Posts: 928
Looking for a little advice please. My parents will be thirty years married next year and my sisters and I want to take them on a surprise family mini break. As usual, the job of organising everything has fallen into my lap. My sister suggested Berlin, as it's one of the only places none of us have ever been and somewhere we all want to go. Can anybody recommend a nice hotel to stay in, or what area of Berlin would be the best place for us to be based? Thanks in advice!
Rogue User Posts: 6101
A holiday with your parents! That's no holiday! You're braver than me anyways. I have been to Berlin and I lOVED it. I can't really advise on hotels cos I stayed in hostel but letting you know that with the UBahn (underground) Berlin is so easy to get around that it won't even matter where you stay. Or you could rent bikes if you are relatively fit- Berlin is made for biking! SO easy and quick to get around on a bike.
Persephone Posts: 928
Thanks BOR! I'll happily go on a family holiday. My family are a lot of fun and pretty easy-going, it's always a great laugh when we get together. We are scattered all over the country so I'm actually really excited thinking about it!
hestia Posts: 2368
We stayed at the Michlberger Hotel last time. Cool little boutique job near stations and just round the corner from The Wall Museum. Get yourself a little Lonely Planet Encounter guide for Berlin. Handy one-stop-shop for all. Have fun. Great present.
Persephone Posts: 928
Thanks hestia. Will look it up now.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
We stayed in the radisson there. There's an aquarium in the hotel and part of it is in the hotel lobby which is pretty cool
Persephone Posts: 928
[quote="RainbowNinja":28264fh9]We stayed in the radisson there. There's an aquarium in the hotel and part of it is in the hotel lobby which is pretty cool[/quote:28264fh9] This was my first choice but it's impossible to get a triple room there (five of us going). Thanks though!
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi snookie This is a post I replied to before - might be useful to you. The apartment hotel mentioned in the post might also be of interest if you have difficulties getting a triple room - the prices are very good too!
Persephone Posts: 928
Great link. Thanks!
Handymammy Posts: 1086
not sure if this is any use to you but I noticed today a special for Berlin on Clickandgo.com. €179 for 3 nights in feb with flights (if date suited you, then you could probably upgrade to a slightly better hotel)