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EOoz Posts: 4
Hi all! I am after getting red itchy skin on my face and arms. It started around my ears and has now spread. It doesnt look very bad but the constant itch is driving me mad. I got it before xmas aswell on my neck and the doctor said it was contact dermatitus and gave me a cream. I was just wondering if anyone has come across anything like this before? and if so are there any cures? I am afraid that it will keep getting worse.
ciara xx Posts: 75
Hi! I have this. It is a nightmare. Like yourself it started with me out of the blue as well. Very itchy and flaky almost like really dry skin. The best thing I have found which has worked for me is Emouvate ointment - you can get it from your doctor and possibly over the counter as well. You can only use it though when you have flare ups on your face anyway as it is a steroid cream and thins your skin. I put it on about 1-2 times a day when I have a flare up and it usually takes 3 days to disappear. It seems to flare up especially when I am stressed. I constantly moisturise my skin which seems to help as well. I hate it. I have it on my arms as well so when I put fake tan on it is a disaster.