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hestia Posts: 2368
Since we didn't get to play a game of guess-everyone's-occupation (risky, I know), how about we just lash up our fantasy job(s). Consolation prize for coping with reality.. Film censor for Ireland. Me in a cinema on me todd without another f*cker within a 10 row radius chomping their heads off, presiding over the critical decision of what age rating to give it. Ah the pressure, the presssure. But yup, that'd do me lovely. Take it away there brethren..
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Sorry hestia - that's my DH's dream job :o0 For me I always wanted to be a social worker but now that I'm pg I'm thinking I would have loved to be a midwife!!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Ohsotired me too, Id love to be a midwife, and this is only since Ive had my DD!
Persephone Posts: 928
That's also my dream job. I go to the cinema twice a week, sometimes more, preferably on my own and the thoughts of getting paid to do so are amazing. Not only that, I'd be drunk the power of deciding what cert a film got. Here, what's the story with this Ger Connolly guy at the IFCO, is he every going to fill John Kelleher's shoes or is he just going to be acting director forever?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Secret shopper. Flying from city to city shopping for work. And gettting to keep all the things. [size=150:8ckejmp1]KAREN WANTS ALL THE THINGS!!!![/size:8ckejmp1]
Terri1 Posts: 1158
A zookeeper! I always envy those people when i see them with the teeny tiny orang utan or bringing a baby gorilla home with them to bring them up. Obviously I wouldn't be cleaning up after them or walking up every hour to feed them though! I'd do the nice jobs!
hestia Posts: 2368
That's more like it SK. This is a fantasy thread afterall. No pressure on the mid-wife to change her mind. Administering drugs.. or hopping about the globe shopping? Wait a second, let me re-read that last sentence. drugs.. Yes, tempting, but no, too much screaming involved. Snookie, dunno what the craic is there with yer man at all. On a related matter, any word of the Lighthouse re-flinging its doors open?
Tangled Posts: 24
A food critic would be amazing... the usual; actress/singer or involved in fashion in some way. Actually. My dream job is to be a judge on xfactor. Dying to give some of 'em a piece of my mind, and I'd love to send home one of my own acts, you know, cos I'd be so honest and all... RESPECT.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
[quote="Tangled":3jh5e327]A food critic would be amazing... .[/quote:3jh5e327] Definitely - mine would have to be food related. Oooh, maybe a chocolatier actually, wouldn't mind sampling my wares then!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
A linguist. I was really good at languages in school and studied German as an extra outside of my degree in college. Wished I had pursued it more. Keep threatening to go back to college to do a degree in some language or other...I will do it soon though!