Ideas for dress after wedding day

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PixieH Posts: 80
Hi all, So wedding day which was so wonderful has passed and now I'm wondering what to do with my wedding dress. I absolutely love it so will not be selling it. Just looking for ideas or suggestions of what some of you may have done with yours? Would love to wear it again but don't know if I could make something else out of it.... :-8
crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
Can't imagine wanting to sell mine either - getting married in October. Mum still has hers and it's lovely; she was the size of a pencil when she got married though so not a hope of getting it onto me! My cousin's wife donated hers to an auction for breast cancer which I thought was lovely, but I just don't think I'll be able to part with mine. I've two god-daughters so if babies don't happen I'll give it to either of them to do something with it (presuming that they want it when the time comes!). x
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
My mum got hers made into a Christening gown which all of us wore on our Christening Day which I thought was a lovely idea :-8 In saying that, I can't imagine chopping it up to make one :weep
ThatGeekBride Posts: 122
Now I am not suggesting this is for everyone but SOME people might like this idea: ... =3&theater (hope this link posts correctly)