Ideas for fiances 30th present

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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Need suggesting for H2B 30th, have already got him a wkmd away but want something to hand him on his bday - have already given him personalised cufflinks and prints from Not On the Highstreet, was thinking of getting him a good leather overnight bag and washbag( with proper shaving foam brush etc), but wasn't sure if this was personal enough? Wanted to do a nice collage or something for the wedding so can't do anythhn like that! His mum usually does a photo book for all their 30ths so that is also out! Any ideas?
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Was going to suggest photo book but see that's out. What about: Newspaper from the day he was born? Something else personalised like a 30 Things I Love About You list? If he was into sports some kind of jersey or match tickets? Tickets for the two of you to go see something around the time of his birthday? Some kind of gift experience for the two of you?
lorrimar Posts: 837
Have a look on - My husband (then Fiance) turned 40 earlier this year and I got him a framed newspaper article similar to this one. ... =25_26_232
Janners Posts: 2
i do personalised prints. have a look at my samples neverforgetprints . com if u have an idea you dont see pm me. keepsake gifts that will last forever ;)