ideas for 'gift from Ireland'?

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peachyone Posts: 110
Hi, just wondering if i could pick your brains cos I'm hitting a brick wall here.. We met a lovely Canadian family on holidays this year, parents and 2 girls, about 11 and 9. We spent a few days with them and played cards etc with the kids, very nice people. We hadn't stayed in touch or anything but then Xmas eve a box arrived from them with a deck of cards, 3 boxes of sweets they had shared with us that we had never heard of and handmade cards from the girls, very kind of them! I'd like to send something back to them, something 'Irish' I guess but can't think of what's typically Irish and suitable for the kids.. Any suggestions?
mad woman Posts: 22106
what about two little "irish dancer" kind of dolls? a piece of newbridge silverware, something light?
Belleboo Posts: 924
What about claddagh rings - they're not expensive and they're lovely. You can also get the claddagh on a chain?