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Kerrybride14 Posts: 34
Hi ladies, Please help me!! It's my parents wedding anniversary the day we are getting married, and I'd like to do spmething special for them on the day to mark it! Any ideas? They cant remember their first dance song or anyting like that! O:| O:| (useless!!!) Thanks!
Nostress Posts: 1606
Maybe print a photo from their wedding day, and put it somewhere with a notebook for their friends/relatives to write something for them?
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
Did you Mum have a bouquet? Maybe you could get a copy made and present to her.
anotherbabyplease Posts: 57
what about writing/downloading a nice poem for them... or have a mini replica of their wedding cake made?
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Probably completely off the wall so apologies in advance if so. ....what about asking the priest to perform a blessing of their marriage?